Brigadier Bambera Is Back in Big Finish’s ‘Unit: Brave New World 1: Seabird One’

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Brigadier Winifred Bambera is back in a new audio drama produced by Big Finish called Unit: Brave New World 1: Seabird One. The first volume of the new Big Finish range is out today with a second volume to be released in December 2022.

Bambera first appeared in Doctor Who in 1989 on the TV story Battlefield. In this brand-new audio drama, Angela Bruce is back as Bambera who is now head of UNIT.

Bruce is joined on the audio drama by Alex Jordan (Sergeant Jean-Paul Savarin), Yemisi Oyinloye (Dr. Louise Rix), Liz Sutherland-Lim (Dame Lydia Kingsley), and Silas Carson (Dr. Winston Grange)

The audio drama is directed by Scott Handcock and produced by Emily Cook. The box set is composed of the three following stories:

1.1 Rogue State by Robert Valentine
“In the war-torn republic of Valge Maja, Brigadier Bambera is hot on the trail of arms-dealing terrorist, Roman Krojač, when she’s ordered back to Geneva. Her old sponsor, Dame Lydia Kingsley, offers her a job as the new head of UNIT. Reluctant to accept, she nevertheless teams up with sarcastic UNIT officer Sergeant Jean-Paul Savarin to prevent a monstrous Soviet-era weapon from falling into Krojač’s hands.”

1.2 Time Flies by Alison Winter
“Bambera and Savarin are summoned to a secretive genetic research facility by Dr Louise Rix, UNIT’s rebellious new scientific adviser. Two scientists have vanished in mysterious circumstances, and despite the assurances of the sinister Dr Grange, UNIT suspects there’s something very wrong with the centre’s caterpillar population. Can they survive the fruits of Dr Grange’s experiments? And will Savarin survive Bambera and Rix’s rocky new relationship?”

1.3 Dark Side of the Moon by Alfie Shaw
“A new British space station, the Britannia, is due to be launched at the end of the week, but Bambera, Rix and Savarin fear that some kind of psychic entity is trying to sabotage it. Is it really the spirit of Helena McNamara, deceased astronaut and old friend of Rix? And does it speak the truth when it warns that something terrible is waiting for humanity on the dark side of the moon?”

You can listen to a teaser below:

UNIT: Brave New World 1: Seabird One is available to purchase as a CD or a download on Big Finish website. Listeners can also buy a bundle of the two volumes of the series to save money.

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