Kit Harington to Reprise Role as Jon Snow in ‘Game of Thrones’ Sequel Series

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In the three years since HBO’s hit drama series Game of Thrones took its final bow, various other projects set in George R.R. Martin’s fantasy universe have been announced. However, today marks the first news of a spin-off that will serve as a sequel to the events of the original show, which will see Kit Harington reprise his role as Jon Snow. The network is reportedly in the early stages of development on the potential series, though HBO has yet to officially comment.

Based on Martin’s book series, Game of Thrones had an eight-season run that ended in 2019 which followed the trials and tribulations of the inhabitants of Westeros and the never ending battle for control of the Iron Throne.

While first introduced as the illegitimate son of Eddard Stark, the Lord of Winterfell, in the first season, Harington’s Jon Snow was eventually revealed to be Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. In the series finale, Jon was forced to kill Daenerys, who had unfortunately taken a dark turn by the show’s end. Following his exile back to the Night’s Watch, he was then shown arriving at Castle Black and heading beyond the wall with his direwolf Ghost and the Wildlings.

It’s unclear at this time how long after the finale the sequel series will take place and if any other familiar faces will be returning as well.

Based on Martin’s Fire & Blood, the prequel series House of the Dragon is set to premiere on August 21. The show is set 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones and will tell the story of House Targaryen.

This news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

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