HBO Max Launches Augmented Reality App ‘House of The Dragon: DracARys’

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In advance of the premiere of next month’s HBO Original House of the Dragon, HBO Max has launched House of the Dragon: DracARys — the official augmented reality app for the series!

The app will allow fans to “hatch” and raise their own virtual dragons! Each dragon will be unique to its user and aspects of its development, including look and temperament, will be directly tied to it’s interactions with its keeper. Based completely on lore from George R. R. Martin’s world, user will use Valyrian words from House of the Dragon to command their dragon with bespoke voice recognition. Users will have the chance to watch their dragon grow to full size, hitting specific milestones on its way to adulthood where they will be able to roam and interact with users across the world.

Developed from scratch using the Unity game engine and powered by Niantic’s Lightship technology with sound design by London-based studio Factory, the game is a completely new fan experience. According to HBO Max’s Director of Digital Innovation Victor Pineiro, “With House of the Dragon: DracARys we have built the most personalized, responsive, virtual creature to ever live on your phone, brought to life in the latest augmented reality technology.” The game aims to awe the users with their experiences in Westeros, and it by the look of the preview, which you can catch below, it just might.

First launched exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con’s House of the Dragon: The Dragon’s Den, the app is currently available in 19 countries, including the US, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the Netherlands, with more countries coming soon. So check it out on the Apple or Google Play app store today.

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