‘The Boys’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 5 “The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies”

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Soldier Boy is on the loose in Russia and Homelander is wreaking havoc back home, murdering Supersonic in cold blood. Kimiko didn’t heal after her run-in with Soldier Boy and Hughie has gotten a taste of Compound V, much to the dismay of MM. Read on to find out what happened in episode 5, “The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies.”

(Winter) Soldier Boy

We all know that the Supes in The Boys are (diabolical) parodies of known superheroes. While Soldier Boy is clearly a play on Captain America, they’ve added a nice element from the Winter Soldier in as well. When Bucky Barnes becomes the Winter Soldier, he’s brainwashed by HYDRA to respond to a pattern of trigger words to lose control of his own mind and do their bidding, and Soldier has undergone a similar process here at the hands of the Russians that took him captive. Although for Soldier Boy, it’s a particular song. The episode opens with MM watching the footage of Soldier Boy’s transformation.

Vought’s New CEO

Ashley has gotten a promotion after Homelander and Victoria’s stunt to have Stan Edgar removed. Homelander arrives for a meeting with the board, as the new man in charge obviously, and he makes a few changes, including making Deep the head of crime analytics which seems like a … bad idea.

Hughie Comes Clean

The Boys return home, MM and Frenchie rushing Kimiko to a hospital, while Hughie heads home and meets up with Annie. She hopes to God they found what they needed in Russia, of course, they didn’t, and Hughie has to make a few confessions: he’s taking temp V and Soldier Boy has been set loose in Russia. He also admits that he loved how he felt on Compound V, he was actually able to save people for once in his life. But he promises Annie he won’t touch the stuff again. Although he breaks that promise by the end of the episode, Hughie is so hellbent on being able to save Annie for once that he can’t give it up.

Complex V

Butcher’s Temp V supply is re-upped by another visit from Maeve. He knows what V does now, it just amplifies whatever is already inside of you, and he knows that every Super has gotta go, even the one sitting beside him. While she may have to go … Butcher isn’t above a quick hookup with everyone’s favorite Queen.

No Escape From Little Nina

Despite doing the job Butcher had arranged with Little Nina, Frenchie isn’t off the hook. She finds him in the hospital where Kimiko is currently being treated, giving him a mission of taking out a child.

Kimiko is Un-Suped

When Kimiko finally comes too, not only is her ability to heal gone, all of her abilities are gone. She’s completely normal. But something wondrous happens, she speaks for the first time. Frenchie is floored and we’re transported seamlessly into a daydream of Kimiko doing a musical number to “I Got Rhythm” with Frenchie around the hospital before leaning in for a kiss, which shocks Frenchie to the core. He excuses himself momentarily to get some coffee, and unfortunately finds himself taken hostage by Little Nina, leaving a confused and definitely hurt Kimiko in the hospital.

A-Train vs. Blue Hawk

A-Train isn’t ready to let go of the havoc Blue Hawk is wreaking on Black neighborhoods. Ashley schedules a Homelander-approved meeting between the pair, where in order to save himself from being “canceled” Blue Hawk agrees to give a public apology to the neighborhood he patrols.

He brings Blue Hawk to his neighborhood in Trenton, his brother, Nathan, meeting them for the event and he’s none too pleased to have this sprung on him. As expected, the insincere apology goes over like a lead balloon, with the outcome being Blue Hawk getting violent with all of the spectators, severely injuring Nathan in the process. Nate is paralyzed and will never walk again and yet Blue Hawk is on the television blaming Antifa, putting the blame for the catastrophe once again on the Black neighborhood.

Soldier Boy is on the Move

Soldier Boy has found his way from Russia to New York City, and he’s clearly confused by the progress of society from the technology to the public displays of affection by LGBTQ couples. Unfortunately for midtown Manhattan, his triggering song is playing on the radio, forcing the unsuspecting Supe to let loose the bomb that resides in his chest, the same one that took out Kimiko, taking out 19 people. MM sees this on the news as he picks Janine up for a science center trip that he then needs to cancel after arguing with Todd about Janine watching Homelander on the TV. He’s a psycho piece of shit after all. The sight of Soldier Boy has the vengeance burning bright in MM’s chest, and he needs to act on it.

Homelander and Starlight have also seen the news, Starlight insisting they handle this immediately. Homelander goes the PR route, opting to book TV shows and appearances to assure the public all is well, while Starlight wants to go find this “supervillain” and take him out. She confirms with Hughie that the supervillain is indeed the Soldier Boy they let loose. MM and Butcher reunite to take out Soldier Boy because there’s no way MM can handle him alone.

Homelander’s paranoia is setting in as he considers the supervillain attack was a plant to discredit him, from Edgar, maybe Maeve, who he uncovers is in cahoots with Butcher. Maeve tries to redirect him, she doesn’t want him to know, but she ends up seriously pissing him off when she admits to him that she never loved him, in fact, she pitied him. This doesn’t go over well, and the last we see of Maeve she’s being tackled by Noir. Homelander has been on a rampage, this doesn’t look great for her. But Ashley assures Starlight that she’s simply just in rehab, and Starlight knows that’s a lie and fears Maeve is dead. It definitely doesn’t look good.

A Lead is Established

MM has another ally up his sleeve. He confirms that Soldier Boy had already been to see the Legend, the prior VP of Hero Management at Vought, to collect his super suit after seeing a line of cocaine out on the table. Legend also confirms that Soldier Boy doesn’t age just like Stormfront, and that he’s headed to see his girlfriend, Crimson Countess.

Soldier Boy vs. Crimson Countess

Interrupting Countess’ side gig streaming on Supe Porn Platinum, Butcher gets Countess tied up and ready for Soldier Boy’s impending arrival, which Butcher roofies MM for so he doesn’t get in the way of the true plan, Soldier Boy can be an asset … When he arrives, Soldier Boy, Ben, finds out the hard truth. His team, including the woman he loved (who did not love him back), gave him up to the Russians willingly, not even for money, solely because they hated him. This ends with Soldier Boy unleashing that bomb in his chest, killing Crimson Countess.

Butcher and Soldier Boy make a deal: the other members of team Payback for help taking out Homelander. Annie isn’t onboard, but Hughie opts to go with Butcher and Soldier Boy.

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