‘The Boys’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 4 “Glorious Five Year Plan”

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Following a killer three-episode premiere that audiences won’t soon forget, The Boys is back again this week with “Glorious Five Year Plan.” After Butcher puked on him at the end of the last episode, Hughie discovers that Butcher has been taking V-24. While Starlight tries to orchestrate a quiet mutiny against Homelander amongst The Seven, the Boys head to Russia in search of the mysterious weapon that could possibly take down Homelander.

Warning: This article contains spoilers and descriptions of mature themes not suitable for all audiences.

#Homelight, sorry Hughie

Annie shows Hughie the #Homelight footage from American Hero. He’s not happy about it, but it’s what has to happen if he wants her to stay with The Seven so they can carry out their plan to take down Homelander once and for all. Homelander himself arrives, interrupting their scheming, and he takes advantage of an opportunity to rile both of them up. He also signs Hughie’s cast without asking, just to add insult to injury.

A trip to Russia

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Following Butcher and Frenchie’s meeting with Little Nina, the Boys have secured a private plane to Russia. Frenchie is suspicious as to how Butcher managed to broker the deal. His worries are confirmed once they arrive in the country, and Butcher tells them that Kimiko needs to complete a mission for Little Nina first. Sick of being told what to do, Kimiko tells Butcher that she isn’t his gun. M.M. pulls Butcher aside after and calls him out for the way he’s been treating everyone lately. Butcher then explains to M.M. that he specifically picked him for the Boys because he could see that he’s a natural born leader. So while Butcher is tough on the crew, M.M. is the one to hold them together in the aftermath.

Begrudgingly giving in for her undercover mission, Kimiko arrives at a mansion, dressed to the nines. She enters a bedroom full of women and doesn’t waste any time killing the man that’s her target with … a dildo. She proceeds to use the rest of the man’s dildo collection to take out his guards. One of the girls shoots Kimiko in the head, but she’s not down for long. She gets back up once her body rejects the bullet and is on the verge of retaliating. However, once she realizes how frightened the women are, she stops. Later, Frenchie tells Kimiko that after they finish this mission, they’ll leave.

Plotting against Homelander

Annie goes to talk to Maeve, and she learns that she was the one that sent Butcher down the Soldier Boy rabbit hole in the first place. She pays a visit to Alex next and tells him that they may have found a way to take down Homelander, and he assures her that he’ll be on their side when the time comes.

The Seven gather for a meeting, which is off to an uncomfortable start thanks to Homelander’s choice to serve tacos for Supersonic. Following his request to Ashley earlier, A-Train tells Homelander that he wants to talk about Blue Hawk’s abuse of power, because he’s been targeting Black neighborhoods. The Deep cuts in (with his wife watching closely) and disagrees, because Blue Hawk and Homelander have the same base, so this could cause issues for them. Ashley cuts in to inform Homelander that Victoria Neuman is holding a press conference about him.

As the others go to leave, A-Train and The Deep argue in the hallway and are stuck at a stalemate because they both have incriminating evidence on one another. Supersonic pulls A-Train away, and once they’re in the elevator, A-Train begins to complain about Homelander choosing The Deep over him. Supersonic baits him by telling him they may have a solution to the Homelander problem. Maeve, Supersonic, A-Train, and Starlight gather together to watch Victoria’s press conference, and Homelander walks into the room, startling them.

Victoria’s choice

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At the press conference, Victoria nervously begins to speak, and then she surprises the room as she announces that Homelander has come forward as a whistleblower for Stan Edgar’s crimes against Vought. As Stan is removed from the room, he asks Victoria why she did this. She tells him that she realized that she’s been the one protecting him all of these years, not the other way around, and now she needs to look out for her daughter.

When Victoria returns home, she finds Homelander inside of her house. He tells her that Stan was going to expose her secret, showing her a file on her that he found in his office. Before he leaves, he gives her Compound V for her daughter in return for what she did at the press conference. She holds her daughter close as she wails in pain after injecting her with the drug.

Homelander finds Stan later, and their dynamic has shifted on his end because the Supe feels that he now has the upper hand. However, ever the stoic businessman, Stan isn’t shaken quite yet. He points out that there’s nobody left to cover for Homelander at Vought now, and he’s not worthy of his respect.

Finding Soldier Boy

Butcher injects himself with the V-24 again in preparation for the next part of their mission. Hughie walks in on him while he’s doing it and tells him that he wants to try it, too, but Butcher won’t let him.

The Boys break into a Russian military compound in search of the mysterious, elusive weapon that killed Soldier Boy. They manage to make their way inside, but they’re intercepted by soldiers. They’re overpowered and outgunned, so Butcher steps into the line of fire. The others are horrified at first, until they realize that the bullets aren’t doing anything to him. Butcher activates his laser eyes, and the realization fully sinks in. Hughie then saves M.M. with his newfound teleportation powers (which leave him butt naked in the process), and Butcher isn’t happy that he didn’t listen to him.

As they continue through the facility, they eventually come across a chamber, and they realize that … Soldier Boy never died after all. The Supe slowly steps out and then lets loose a blast of energy from his chest. Frenchie is pushed out of the line of fire by Kimiko while Soldier Boy escapes through the hole that he created in the wall. The Boys make a hasty exit, and Frenchie is in the back of the van panicking over the fact that Kimiko isn’t healing from her injuries like she normally would. Meanwhile, Hughie is caught in a daze, admiring the way his arm glows from the V-24.


Homelander flies Starlight up onto a rooftop with promises that he’s going to show her the view of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the “view” is Supersonic’s dead body. A-Train spilled the beans about their plot against him. He tells her that if she steps out of line again, Hughie is next.

The Boys is available to stream exclusively on Prime Video. Catch the next episode on Friday, June 17, and stay tuned for all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps, our spoiler-free season 3 review, and more.

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