‘The Boys’ Season 3 Review: Blood, Butts, and Compound V


The wait is almost over — we’re less than a day away from the highly anticipated season 3 premiere of Prime Video’s The Boys. After nearly two years in between seasons and plenty of tantalizing teases as to what sort of outrageous adventures are in store for audiences this time around … was it worth the wait? In the words of William Butcher himself, it comes as no surprise that the third season of The Boys is absolutely f#!king diabolical from start to finish.

Seasoned fans of the show may feel they have an inkling as to what sort of debauchery Eric Kripke and his team have cooked up this time around, but rest assured that all of that bravado will swiftly fly out the window upon experiencing the first episode alone (which offers up one of most mind-boggling, obscene moments to have ever been filmed for television). The third season of The Boys continues to be unapologetically vulgar and bloody, sprinkled with a hefty helping of bare butts throughout as it tears through a wildly entertaining 8-episode rollercoaster that runs hard, fast, and dirty until the final credits roll.

By the time season 2 came to a close, it appeared as if the Boys were ready to go their separate ways to live out their lives with fewer guts and gore on their shirt sleeves. But rest assured that the crew still has plenty of work to do this time around, because who else is going to keep the Supes in line? A compelling, unforgiving story awaits for viewers in season 3, one full of twists, turns, and surprises that you won’t expect … and many more ironically spot-on, hilarious narrative parallels to the United States’ obnoxious political climate in recent years.

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What stands out about this season in particular is the time spent exploring the characters that we’ve come to know and love (or hate), fleshing out their backstories in a way that allows viewers to connect with each and every one of them on a deeper level than ever before — yes, even Homelander. Audiences can look forward to experiencing a different side of Billy Butcher this season, who reveals he perhaps does indeed have a heart beneath his gruff, bearded, murderous exterior (and Karl Urban is once again a delight in his Aloha shirts). Hats off to the writers, who found a way to embark on so many of these deep, emotional dives in a way that seamlessly connects to the main plot.

After Stormfront’s toasty defeat, season 3 needed a new terrible Supe to come stomping around in the sandbox — enter Jensen Ackles. You can feel a sense of liberation in Ackles’ performance as he wholeheartedly embraces the opportunity to step into the role of a nefarious character, evolving far beyond the hints of darkness he previously flirted with on Supernatural on multiple occasions. There’s not a doubt that Ackles has found a new sweet spot in his acting prowess with the cocky, foul-mouthed, unhinged Supe, Soldier Boy (and his scenes with Urban in particular are fantastic).

Now on to the big, naked elephant in the room, “Herogasm.” As promised, this season delivers the unimaginable — an episode based on an incredibly debaucherous miniseries from the comics. Like an unbelievably depraved centerpiece to all of the madness that is season 3, “Herogasm” is truly … an experience. Without giving anything away about some of the filthiest pages in the script, just know that if ever there was a line to be crossed, it has long since been obliterated without so much as a parting glance.

Overall, The Boys is back with a diabolical vengeance in season 3, and you won’t be the same when you come out on the other side.

The first three episodes of the third season of The Boys will premiere exclusively on Prime Video tomorrow, June 3. Stay tuned for all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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