Interview: Cameron Vitosh on Landing ‘Walker’, Singing, and More [EXCLUSIVE]


Cameron Vitosh is an up-and-coming actor from Dallas, who currently can be seen as Todd on The CW’s Walker. We sat down with him to talk about landing the role on Walker, singing on the show, what’s to come, and more.

Note: This interview was edited for clarity.

Nerds and Beyond: Let’s dive right in! Can you talk about your process for joining the show?

Cameron Vitosh: The audition process actually is a long story. I actually auditioned for these casting directors before, like a couple [of] months before they started auditioning for Walker outside of the leads. So, I got an audition actually for Trevor, the first time around for [the first] season. I did four auditions that time, [but] that obviously went to Gavin. Then I received this next role and I saw that it was a co-star role for one episode. I was like, ‘I almost got a recurring role, should I risk it?’ I did, I risked it and I booked the role. It was my first time booking a role on something this big, to be honest. I was really excited about it. I’m just amazed that I’ve been on it for this long.

Nerds and Beyond: One of Todd’s most pivotal scenes was singing with August. Can you talk more about that scene and filming it?

Cameron: I actually had a phone call with Anna Fricke, the showrunner and writer of the show. I had a phone call with her like a week and a half before I received the script for episode nine. She was like, “I heard you can sing?” I was like, “Yes, Ma’am. I was in choir growing up.” The conversation was 20 seconds long. That was all we had, was that little short conversation.

I received the script for episode nine and I’m singing twice [laughs]. So that was one of my favorite moments on the show. They had me in a recording studio… I’d never been in a recording studio before. My parents, whenever they saw that episode, they were going crazy. I don’t tell my parents what I’m doing down there. I want them to be surprised and watch the show and actually enjoy it, too. That one was amazing. And, they used the whole song. So that was great.

Nerds and Beyond: We got to open up a bit more into Todd’s world and meet his brother. Do you think that we’re gonna get to know more of Todd’s backstory or was that kind of just a one-off?

Cameron: I’m gonna say I hope [so] because that was awesome.

Nerds and Beyond: What’s your favorite part about playing Todd?

Cameron: I feel like my character is kind of like a different energy than what the show is normally accustomed to, like I get to goof around most of the time. That’s what they want me doing all the time. It’s a lot of fun on set, because I know that I’m supposed to be having fun during the scene as well. I just like being able to bring that different energy to the kids’ part of the show. I mean there’s a drama, so a lot of stuff is serious and I get to lighten the mood sometimes, so I really enjoy that.

Nerds and Beyond: What has been your favorite scene with Stella?

Cameron: Now that I can’t tell you because it hasn’t come out yet. [laughs]

Nerds and Beyond: One that we’ve maybe seen already, then?

Cameron: I really do like every single scene, but I’ll say episode ten. Episode ten I feel like was a pivotal moment for Todd as well. Before that, I was here and there and then whenever I received [the] episode ten script, I was like, “Okay, they’re really going to try to like actually dive in with my character.” So, it was the scene where I’m walking out and apologizing. Well, the kissing scene, that scene was my favorite scene just because the dialogue to it. I just told you I’m always goofing off and lightening the mood, but that scene was serious and so that was fun. I was happy with that scene also how it came out on camera.

Nerds and Beyond: In the preview for the next episode, we see Todd and Colton get into quite a fight. Is there anything you can tease about that?

Cameron: They teased everything I can tease [laughs]. That was fun to shoot. Me and Jalen [Thomas Brooks], that was our first time ever doing like [stunts]. They had me come in a couple of days early to do like the stunt work. That was really fun to go over with the stunt coordinator and just go through the motions and actually learn what we need to do. We both told each other, “Hey, come at me, do what you got to do.” We’re both professionals. It was really fun actually to do. It was cool to share that moment with Jalen also.

Nerds and Beyond: What do you hope happens with Stella and Todd?

Cameron: I really just hope that they stay connected in some way… Yeah, I just hope that they stay connected. I mean, we got picked up for season three. So I just hope to be back.

Nerds and Beyond: What has been your favorite moment or scene that you’ve shot?

Cameron: I will say that moment singing on the stage, like that tops everything but I’ll say in episode two, whenever I had a moment with August, like when we were in the locker room, and we had to find something in order to get out… that moment was cool too. That was my first actual scene going back and forth with somebody. That moment will be special forever in my heart because I remember receiving the episode one script, and I had one line. Then I received the episode two script. I was like, “Whoa, I actually have multiple scenes talking to multiple people.” That was my first scene where we’re talking back and forth, and I’m actually impacting the scene, I would say. That was really fun for me, just to have that moment and to know that all right, I’m really in this now.

Nerds and Beyond: Is there anyone you wish you could have had a scene with that you haven’t yet?

Cameron: Oh yes, Coby Bell. He just seems fun to work with. I got to meet him for a short amount of time for episode fourteen at the carnival. Whenever we’re all walking down, that was actually the first time I [had] ever seen him in person. I’ve only seen him do table reads and stuff on Zoom. So, I never had the pleasure of meeting him until that moment, and it was a great conversation. We’re just laughing all the time. That’d be really fun to do, to just have a scene with him, because I know he’s free and goofy and funny too. He brightens the mood all the time on the show too. So, that’d be fun.

Nerds and Beyond: So you mentioned the carnival scene and a lot of our readers are actually really big Supernatural fans. What was the energy like with Jensen Ackles as director?

Cameron: Oh, it was really fun. He’s just a funny dude, he [was] just always joking around. He is very to the point and serious whenever he’s directing. You can differentiate whenever he’s being serious or joking around, but it was awesome to get to see him work with Jared as well though. You can tell that they go way back, they were just having fun and joking around the whole time. I told you he was serious whenever he needed to be, he was like never serious when Jared was there [laughs]. That was fun. It was great to meet him too, because I almost had the opportunity to work with him before on The Boys. So we were talking about that, too. He’s just a lot of fun and he’s a really good director. He is very detailed in what he wants you to do, like if he has a new idea. Some directors they’ll say, “Hey, try this.” He’ll be like, “Hey, try this because of that.” He’ll be very detailed about it, so I really appreciated that. I hope to work with him again.

Nerds and Beyond: Everybody talks about just what a lovely atmosphere there is on set. What has been your favorite thing about working on Walker so far?

Cameron: It really is a family atmosphere. They do a great job with casting because every single person they cast is genuinely nice and open. They’ll talk to you, they don’t hold back. You can tell some people are more shy than others. But even whenever you talk to them, they’re just lively and there and present. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better foot in the door. Jeff [Pierre] was telling me, “Don’t get too comfortable on this set. Because this is one of the best sets I’ve ever been on.”

Everything is so nice. Since Jared, did 15 seasons with Supernatural, he brought a whole a lot of people here and it seems like everyone is connected and everyone knows somebody or worked with somebody before. So, everybody really is actually family.

Meeting Kale, Violet, Jalen… they were all super nice, genuine people as well. Those are the people I get to work with the most. That’s probably the biggest blessing, is being on a set like this to where you can be yourself. You don’t have to worry about… somebody’s being moody or something. Everybody’s chill, everybody knows there to work, [and] professional. It’s all fun and games, honestly. I couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere on the set.

You can catch Cameron on tonight’s episode of Walker, and watch Walker on The CW on Thursdays at 8/7c.

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