‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 22 “Day in the Hole”

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The end of season four is here! It’s been a wild season from start to finish. Between Nolan fighting crime in the desert and Tim and Lucy preparing to go undercover, this episode holds true to that.

The Car

Tamara drives by the station to show Lucy her new car. A drug-sniffing dog walks by, and they open the trunk to find a bunch of drugs. Lucy looks up the car’s previous owner, Jake, who looks very similar to Tim, but with slicked-back hair and tattoos. They book Jake, and Tim and Lucy interrogate him about the car and the drugs. Jake reveals that he was hired to deliver drugs across the border but lost the car when he parked it outside his girlfriend’s place in a no-parking zone.

After talking to him, Lucy suggests that Tim go undercover so they can follow this lead. Grey and others push Tim until he agrees.

The Mission

They watch from the sky as Tim goes in undercover to drop off the drugs. Lucy and others sneak in for potential backup. The men Tim met up with take him up to another level and drive off with the car. Lucy’s group follows from the stairs, ready to rescue if needed. Tim is brought on the penthouse roof to meet the operation’s boss. He gets told off by the guy for taking so long to bring the drugs to them and lies by saying he caught a tail and had shaken them first. Tim asks about payment, and they threaten to throw him over the edge. He manages to talk his way out of it all and is allowed to leave. He gets asked to do another job for triple pay as he walks away. They tell him to bring his girlfriend to be the driver.

Angela tells them they’re going to move forward and see how this next operation goes. They pick up Jake’s girlfriend, Juicy, who happens to look just like Lucy. This leads them to decide that Lucy will go undercover with Tim.

The Kiss

Tim and Lucy hang out at Lucy’s and come up with a backstory for their undercover characters. After Lucy comes up with a steamy backstory that leaves Tim shocked, Tim suggests that they should address the elephant in the room, which is if they pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend, they’ll have to sell it and kiss at some point. Lucy picks up on what he’s saying and mentions that maybe the first time shouldn’t be on the job.

They awkwardly go back and forth before Tim gives her a barely-there peck. Lucy questions him on it before pulling him into a bigger kiss. It doesn’t get very far because Tamara walks in on them. They try explaining themselves and how it’s for work, but she still tries to just leave. Tim leaves instead, and they all go their separate ways. Tim stands in the hallway after looking conflicted.

The Talk

The next day, Tim waits in the parking lot for Lucy to get to work. When she shows up, he says they should talk but chickens out and says they need to plan their backstory some more. Lucy looks disappointed but agrees.

The Transition

Nyla talks to Grey because she needs to go on maternity leave this week at her doctor’s recommendation. She also tells him that when she comes back, she wants to stay with the detectives. Grey replies that he figured as much, and he’ll find Aaron a new T.O.

The Trip

ABC/Raymond Liu

Nolan and Bailey go to the border for his “day in the hole” assignment. They turn it into a vacation with Ellroy and Nell. They all meet up at a motel and get situated. While there, the person Nolan is assigned to work with, Gabrielle, shows up to pick him up.

Gabrielle brings him to the station, which is also a diner. Upon realizing how unprofessional the environment is and how little training Gabrielle has, Nolan starts explaining to her how to do things the proper way. When there, they get sent to report to a bar fight.

They get to the bar and find two men fighting. She tells Nolan it’s a normal thing. They try to intervene, but one of the guys goes over to the bar and gets a piece of glass in his neck. Bailey shows up when Nolan calls because the nearest hospital is an hour away. She ends up bringing the guy to the hospital.

The More The Merrier

Later, Gabrielle and Nolan see a car on the side of the road, which turns out to be Pete and Chasity. Pete runs away because he’s scared it is going to blow up. Once Nolan and Gabrielle explain it all to them, they get the car taken care of. Nolan asks Pete why he’s all the way out there, and he replies that he’s here because Nolan invited him, which comes as a surprise to Nolan.

The Threat

Nolan keeps teaching Gabrielle how to do good police work. They pull over a man who claims he doesn’t have his license or registration because he was robbed. Nolan catches him holding a gun and stops something before something happens. He tells Gabrielle off as she cuffs the man about not doing a proper threat assessment.

Gabrielle apologizes to Nolan for how she reacted. He explains that she just doesn’t have the proper training, and that’s not her fault.

They can’t process forensics outside of business hours, so Gabrielle agrees to stay and watch lock-up until morning. Nolan goes back to the motel where they’re hanging out by the pool. They joke around before everyone goes to bed.

The Fight

Nolan and Ellroy go to the station, where they learn the guy in lock-up is a bad guy. He’s wanted for multiple serious crimes. A guy shows up and says he’d like his friend back. Nolan refuses the bribe, and the guy shows off his weapon while a friend outside loads a gun.

He goes outside and calls to his other people. They start cutting down the phone pole. Nolan calls Bailey and tells her to get Pete and get out of town. As they’re talking, the people cutting the tower down see her drive by and follow her. Several people with guns start shooting at the diner. Gabrielle grabs the prisoner, who they use as a shield. Nolan has the three hide in the kitchen when things don’t go as planned. Ellroy tells Nolan where to look as he and Gabrielle shoot at the guys. A few get in and start fighting them hand-to-hand. Nolan gets them all locked up for when paramedics and backup arrive.

Bailey tries to wake Pete, but the second set of people drive up. The pair of people come into the motel and find Bailey. She fights them off while Pete snores away. She takes them both down, and in the end, Chasity and Nell show up after going to the store. They’re all okay besides some minor injuries.

This is it for the finale for season four! The Rookie has been renewed for season five, so we’ll see you when it comes back. You can find our coverage here!

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