‘The Batman’: The Riddler Literally Crashes A Funeral in New Extended Look

Hannah - Editor/Instagram Manager
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Warner Bros.

The Batman director Matt Reeves has released the full 4k funeral clip from the upcoming film featuring the DC Comics caped crusader. The clip had recently surfaced online in bits and pieces. To address the clips “floating around” on the internet, Reeves decided to upload the clip personally so fans can appreciate the full scene in its highest quality, which he addressed on Twitter.

In the clip, we see Paul Dano’s Riddler looming over a funeral, looking directly at Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne as a vehicle comes crashing into the funeral. Crashing the funeral isn’t just for fun, as we soon learn the Riddler has a message he wants to be delivered addressed to the Batman. It would appear from this scene that the Riddler knows the identity of Gotham’s dark knight, and that he won’t hesitate to go to extreme lengths to prove his point.

Advance tickets for The Batman go on sale February 10, and you can catch the movie exclusively in theaters March 4.

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By Hannah Editor/Instagram Manager
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