‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 4 “The Inverse Method”


In this episode of Superman & Lois, Lois reunites with her sister, and many confrontations are afoot. Keep reading for what happens in “The Inverse Method.”

Lois Confronts Ally

Lois wants to meet with her sister, but Ally shows up at the diner instead. Lois says what’s left is a shell, and she’s lost all contact with her family. Ally reminds her she still actively talks to their father. Lois remarks it’s because he’s not the one that pulled her out of the bathtub. Whatever she has to do, Lois will make sure everyone, including Lucy, sees Ally for the fraud she is once and for all.

Ally tries to scare Lois by saying she doesn’t respond well to threats, but neither does Lois. She quickly grabs her phone and calls Chrissy to tell her they need to find Lucy, now. Chrissy stays at the Gazette all night catfishing on the Dark Web under the alias Penny and receives an invitation to a conference Ally is holding. Both she and Lois head to New Carthage to track down Lucy.

The Podcast

Lucy admits on the podcast that Lois not only edited the story to make it seem like she had a vendetta against Ally, but she recanted much of what she told her in the first place. She knows her sister is gone but Clark tries to reason with her by saying she can pull her back.

Bizarro Makes Land Fall in Smallville

Bizarro gets in a fight with Clark and John attempts to back him up by getting hold of his hammer. John hits him with it and scares him off, but Clark is shaken up by the whole meeting. Anderson and his men make a move to take down Bizarro But two of his men are dead. Superman makes the save for Tag and the two battle it out, with John close behind. John is low on power but he transfers all remaining energy to his hammer, leaving him exposed. After fighting Bizarro, Superman grabs John, who has severe injuries and speeds him out of there. 

Jonathan and the Yellow Mist

Jordan’s girlfriend had previously given him some of the mist that he knew was going around. He’s apprehensive about taking it because he’s not sure if it’s the lifestyle for him, but she promises she’s not pressuring him. The mist appears to give whoever takes it powers like Superman. At football practice, he takes some and immediately feels the effects. With his new super sight, he’s able to make more accurate passes.

Jordan’s Close Call

Jordan and Sarah head to the local mart to pick up a few sandwiches. While Sarah and her friend catch up at the check-out counter, Jordan overhears two boys trying to steal liquor. Trying to lend a helping hand thinking they’ll sneak away, he freezes the spill on the ground so they slip and get caught. The problem? The entire place has cameras, so they indeed caught Jordan on camera using his powers. He gets a call from his grandpa who says while it was a noble deed, it was stupid. He scrubbed the footage to look out for Jordan so they won’t see him using his cold breath.

Lois Faces Off with Lucy

Lucy invites Lois to her hotel room to talk. She wants to know why she recanted the story. Ally’s calling is more important than Lois ruining her life again. Lois just wanted to get her sister back safely. This all stems from their mom leaving them. Lucy claims Lois changes everything to fit her narrative. Lucy records everything to have it on record this time and Ally broadcasts it to the entire room. Chrissy is upset that there’s obviously more to the story than she’s leading on.

Kyle’s Big Lie

Kyle heads to the local bar in disguise, and the crowd immediately greets him, including the bartender. She says everyone has missed him around, but not more than she has, grabbing his hand. He snatches his own out of her grasp and says that’s what he’s there to talk about.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Episodes stream next day on cwtv.com and The CW app.

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