‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 10 “Toxic”

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This week on Batwoman, the Poison Ivys finally team-up, but their intentions may not be for the greater good. Meanwhile, Ryan, Luke, and Sophie race the clock to find Mary before it’s too late. Read on to find out what happens in “Toxic.”

A Poison Ivy Team-Up

Pam and Mary have the CEO of Gotham United Healthcare – Harold – strung up, with Pam watching as Mary tells him the problems he’s caused. When they leave, Pam’s nose begins to bleed, so she siphons more energy from Mary. As they walk to their next destination, Pam shares about her childhood. They wind up at the Gotham Dam, and Pam explains how it hurts the environment and feeds into the industrial district. Soon, Mary realizes Pam intends to flood the city.

The Trade

batwoman season 3 episode 10
Dean Buscher/The CW

Alice arrives at The Hold Up where Luke and Ryan have set up shop and tells them about the Ivys. They decide to find Renee and bring her back to the bar. They want to know about Pam, but Renee won’t say anything. Sophie arrives next and asks about the joy buzzer until Alice emphasizes Mary. At the computers, Luke says someone triggered the bat signal.

Batwoman goes to the signal to find Jada (and the joy buzzer) waiting. Jada won’t give up the buzzer unless she gets Marquis back. Batwoman thinks it’s a bad idea and tells Jada why. Eventually, Jada acquiesces, but not before getting Batwoman to agree to her terms; she has until midnight to return Marquis.

Wild Ambulance Chase

Pam prepares to redirect the water, but Mary doesn’t want any part of it. Pam won’t force her and instead drains energy from Mary. Later, two dam employees find her. At The Hold Up, Luke hears the 911 call over a police scanner, and he and Sophie realize it’s about Mary. They tell Batwoman, who’s in the batmobile. She tells them about Jada’s deadline but decides Mary is more important. She picks up Alice, who drives as they search for the ambulance. During the drive, Alice is generally a nuisance and opts to listen to comms. They hear Sophie argue with Renee, and it prompts Alice to mention how Ryan and Sophie like each other. Eventually they catch up with the ambulance. However, the driver won’t pull over, so Batwoman manages to get on the roof to stop it and safely get Mary back.

Making a Plan

batwoman season 3 episode 10
Dean Buscher/The CW

Alice and Ryan return with Mary. No one knows what happened until Renee finally tells them it was Pam. Ryan wants to go after her, but now that Pam is at full strength, it’s dangerous. But Renee says if she’s going to, she needs Mary. So, they manage to wake up Mary, who’s still upset at everyone. As she leaves, Ryan gets her attention by telling her she killed someone (the man in the woods from the previous episode). Mary doesn’t believe her until Alice confirms it.

The group sorts out their plan to stop Pam. Renee tells them about the pheromone blocker. If Mary drinks it, it might weaken Pam if she siphons more energy. Luke pulls Renee aside, worried the blocker could also weaken Mary. Renee says yes, but they might also get Mary back. Mary agrees and says she can pull away before Pam siphons too much energy.

Big Dam Problem

batwoman season 3 episode 10
Dean Buscher/The CW

Pam uses her powers to overwhelm the dam turbines and trigger the collapse. Mary finds her and offers more energy. Soon, Mary pulls away but is unconscious, and Pam slightly stumbles. Batwoman arrives and as she and Pam fight, Batwing finds the turbines. However, vines begin to wrap around him, and he flashes through his trauma before realizing he can get himself out of the vines. Batwoman manages to best Pam, and Batwing stops the collapse. They check on Mary, and Batwoman handcuffs Pam to a pipe before leaving.

The Unfulfilled Deadline

Pam and Renee are on a cargo plane, and Pam is angry, thinking this is another setup. She wants nothing to do with Renee. In response, Renee opens the door and tells Pam to leave if she wants. She adds that she made a deal with Sophie for Pam’s freedom. After she closes the door, she tells Pam they’re going to an island she’ll love: Coryana.

Mary wakes up and is back to her old self. Ryan apologizes and promises the team won’t sideline her again. Next, she goes to talk with Alice. Afterwards, Alice makes a remark that reminds Ryan about Jada’s deadline. Sophie checks on Ryan, who hasn’t heard anything from Jada. Shortly after, Luke shows Ryan, and everyone else, a news report. In it, Jada smears Batwoman, saying the havoc with the villain trophies was her fault. She adds that despite stopping Poison Ivy, flooding still occurred in some places. One such place is Mary’s clinic, where a drop of water falls on Marquis and reanimates him.

Batwoman airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on The CW, available the next day on The CW app and cwtv.com. Find our previous recaps and the rest of our coverage here.

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