Friday, February 3, 2023

‘4400’: New Synopsis Released for Season 1 Finale “Present is Prologue”

TELEVISION‘4400’: New Synopsis Released for Season 1 Finale “Present is Prologue”

The CW’s 4400 follows the stories of people who have vanished from throughout history and suddenly returned with no idea what happened to them. The CW has released the synopsis for the season one finale entitled “Present is Prologue.” The synopsis for the episode reads:

SEASON FINALE – Tensions rise as an attack is made on the Bois Blanc, putting everyone’s life in danger. Shanice (Brittany Adebumola) and Logan (Cory Jeacoma) do their best to keep Hayden (AMARR) safe, while Claudette (Jaye Ladymore) and Jharrell (Joseph David-Jones) try to reason with Manny (guest star Calvin Seabrooks). Meanwhile, Mildred (Autumn Best) still believes her sister can be saved and LaDonna (Khailah Johnson) takes to the streets in an effort to end the threat against the 4400. The series also stars TL Thompson, Ireon Roach and Derrick A. King.

Cheryl Dune directs the episode written by Ariana Jackson and Sunil Nayar and will air February 14.

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