‘Naomi’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “Zero to Sixty”


On this week’s Naomi, Naomi begins her training with Dee. However, she’d much rather go find the mysterious disc. When she does, though, trouble follows. Read on to find out what happens in “Zero to Sixty.”

A Recovery Mission

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Naomi begins training with Dee and tries to get more information about the markings she saw on the disc and at the warehouse. He won’t tell her and adds that Zumbado isn’t a good source. So, Naomi finds a different way. She and Annabelle head to small shop where they use a ruse regarding Zumbado to get a woman – Mrs. Anderson – to confront Zumbado about a discount she didn’t get. They all go together, and Mrs. Anderson and Zumbado look at another car. While Zumbado is distracted, Naomi breaks into the safe using her powers and grabs the disc. Zumbado returns and looks suspicious, but he says nothing.

College Week

naomi season 1 episode 3
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As the kids head to their next college tour, Naomi and Annabelle show the disc to Jacob. He’s fascinated by it and expresses he wants to analyze. So, during their next tour they – along with Anthony, Nathan, and Lourdes – sneak off to the university’s geology lab. They analyze the disc with some type of laser machine. However, the disc provides absolutely no data. Shortly after, the disc causes the machine to explode and triggers the fire alarm. When Naomi tries to grab the disc before leaving, it’s gone.

Back at the high school, the kids await their punishment. Jen exits the front office and pulls Naomi aside. She’s disappointed and doesn’t understand why Naomi did this. Naomi can’t give her a clear answer (yet).

The Real Disc

naomi season 1 episode 3
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Zumbado meets with another alien named Akira. She’s adamant they stay away from Naomi. He disagrees. After his encounter with Naomi and Annabelle, he checks his safe. He knows a disc is missing, but the real one was in a secret compartment. As the kids test their disc, Zumbado attaches the real one to a device and it begins to glow. He meets with Akira again to show her the disc. Zumbado says he wants to reunite the disc with Naomi; she’s the key. Akira is distrustful, though, and disagrees.

Naomi and Dee Seek Help

During the next training session, Naomi tells Dee about the disc. While he still thinks it’s not a good idea to search for it, he knows someone – Adam Blake – who can help. They go see Adam, who can sense the disc’s energy within Naomi. While they talk, a special ops team bursts in, and Naomi and Dee run. When they return to the shop, Dee thinks Naomi still isn’t ready to use her powers. Naomi thinks she is, and she wants to find the disc.

Naomi’s parents are waiting for her, upset, when she gets home. She claims she was with Lourdes, who happened to call earlier asking about Naomi. Her parents ground her, and Naomi doesn’t understand why when they’ve always treated her like an adult. They give a clear answer, and Naomi relinquishes her phone.

Finding the Key

naomi season 1 episode 3
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Lourdes sneaks into Naomi’s room with Zatanna comics in tow, as well as an apology about blowing Naomi’s cover. She also gives Naomi a nudge on her college essay topic. When she leaves, Naomi uses the comic to help her work out where the translation key for the disc might be. As she sneaks out, she runs into Annabelle. The two head to the underground bomb shelter. They find the key, and Naomi uses her powers to dislodge it. However, she causes the tunnel to collapse.

Naomi goes to Dee and tells him what happens. Then, she says she was able to translate the disc. It said, “the twenty-nine,” and the next shot reveals Zumbado has a list in his notebook with that as the heading. He crosses out Akira’s name.

More Truth Is Revealed

Naomi works on her essay, and in voiceover, she talks about how change has affected her. In the morning she tells her parents she wants to be honest with them. It turns out they also have something to tell her, too. While driving, Greg tells Naomi that the military is hunting aliens and he and Jen need to show Naomi something. When they reach the woods, they show her a spot with a large round object – the place they found her. Naomi touches it, and it lights up with markings similar to the disc.

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