‘Naomi’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 12 “Ready Or Not”


In part one of Naomi‘s season finale, Naomi learned some hard truths about her origins as she prepares to return to Earth-29. But are all the adults around her as trustworthy as they seem? And how will her friends handle Naomi’s impending interplanetary move? Read on to find out what happened in “Ready Or Not”!

Doing What’s Best

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Jennifer, Greg, and Akira argue over Naomi’s future. Naomi’s parents only want to keep Naomi safe, but Akira believes their fear is holding her back. When Greg goes to work, Jennifer shares her doubts with Akira. She worries that her own lack of powers held Naomi back. Akira tells Jennifer that she has always felt guilt about the fate of her planet, but meeting Naomi gave her hope for the first time. Akita credits Jennifer and Greg’s parenting for that, which makes Jennifer feel better.

Back on Earth, Mac shows herself to Dee. She tries using information about Qyeala to persuade him to join their side. She’s alive, but Mac won’t share what she knows until Dee agrees to work with her.

A Friendly Investigation

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At school, Anthony finds Naomi eating alone. In an attempt to cheer her up after her Nathan breakup, he lets her know that the school paper is doing a retrospective on the Superman incident. He thinks she’ll be eager to help given her Superman obsession, but Naomi was told to lay low by her parents and the other aliens. She tries to throw him off the scent by calling Superman “old news” and he can tell something is off. She leaves a dejected Anthony behind to maintain her low profile.

Anthony heads to Lourdes’ shop to ask for a quote for his article. She immediately figures out his true motivation is to impress a newly single Naomi. Both discuss the many strange things that have been happening in Naomi’s life, turning the Superman article into a Naomi investigation.

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The duo heads to see Dee, calling him out on the inconsistencies in the story he told the police about “faking” the Superman stunt. When Lourdes asks about Akira, Zumbado appears out of nowhere to tell them to stop investigating. Anthony and Lourdes go back to the forest, stumbling on Naomi’s rock. Julian arrives and attacks them, but Dee and Zumbado jump in to save them. The two are forced to tell the kids that they’re aliens, which neither quite believe. But Anthony guesses that Naomi is an alien too, which Dee says is really her story to tell.

Great Expectations

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In the past, baby Naomi is being spirited away to keep her from Brutus as alarms blare. In the present, she wakes up with a start. The adults all debate going back to Earth-29, which Naomi is vehemently against. Akira is the only one of the aliens who is willing to give Naomi a chance to stay in Port Oswego, mentioning that they could look for a power source, but the other disagree. They want to keep her safe. Naomi scoffs that the five of them never agree on anything, and Zumbado notes that if Greg, Jennifer, Akira, Dee, and himself all agree on something, then it is so rare that it must be the right choice. He asks Naomi to trust them, and she says that while she doesn’t agree, she trusts the adults around her. Akira needs a few days to repair the transport vessel, giving Naomi time to say her goodbyes.

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Unable to resist, Naomi heads to Akira’s workshop. When she touches a piece of the pod, she gets another memory flash of leaving Earth-29. Akira is impressed with this new display of powers, and Naomi latches on to Akira’s doubts from before to make her case to stay. She tells Naomi that there’s a rumor that a major undiscovered power source on Earth that could amplify her powers enough to make her strong enough to stay. Emotional, Akira shares that Naomi’s mother was her friend. She gives Naomi her mother’s locket, which Akira believes is the key to finding the power source. The moment Naomi holds the locket, Naomi sees a flash of a memory of a field.

Naomi and Annabelle investigate the locket together, going on a road trip to find the field Naomi saw in her vision. The flowers she saw only grow in Nevada. Annabelle is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Naomi on Earth with her. Over shakes, they reminisce about their friendship as she gets a flash of a red-eyed man in a field. They rush out, narrowly missing the man as he arrives at the diner looking for her.

Annabelle is spooked by Naomi’s vision and wants to turn back, but Naomi tells her they have to try. Their car breaks down, and they pull over at a motel for a break. Naomi confesses that she wishes she could go back to the way things were before. But Annabelle tells Naomi there’s been a lot of good that has come from the discovery of Naomi’s origins. The red eyed man arrives at the motel looking for Naomi. They escape as Naomi pulls the fire alarm.

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They find the field from Naomi’s vision, and at first nothing seems extraordinary about it. The red eyed man arrives, telling Naomi that while everyone else is here to take her home, he’s here to take her out. They fight, but something about Naomi’s powers spook the man. He says the situation is above his pay grade as he vanishes. Naomi realizes that her locket and the disc are connected, and a mysterious door opens in the field. It takes Naomi to Earth-29, or at least a vision of it. Two disembodied voices tell her they’ve been expecting her: it’s her parents. They tell her the actual power source is Naomi herself, but she will need the full power of the 29 for it to work. But most importantly, they tell her that if she’s hearing this message, someone they trusted betrayed them and led to their demise.

Naomi season 1 is now available to watch on The CW app. There is no word yet on whether the series has been renewed for a second season. You can find our other coverage of the series here!

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