‘Naomi’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 13 “Who Am I?”


In part two of Naomi’s season finale, Naomi must make a major decision to protect the ones she loves from Brutus. Despite her efforts to go it alone, she realizes she’ll need all the help she can get. Read on to find out what happens in “Who Am I?”

Ready to Run

The episode opens as Naomi updates her website and reflects on what Superman might have felt as we see a montage of major moments from the season. After, she tells Greg and Jen about seeing her birth parents, and how it felt overwhelming because they felt real. She adds that she remembers leaving Earth-29, mentioning that Greg and Jen could’ve died helping her. They have no regrets, though. Naomi thinks it’s time to leave because she knows someone betrayed her birth parents. Greg says they should leave that night and not tell anyone, which upsets Naomi.

Naomi goes to return the disc to Zumbado, claiming he should have it. He doesn’t buy it and thinks leaving is a bad idea. She has a destiny. Naomi disagrees and they go back and forth until Naomi apologizes for disappointing him. Before leaving, she thanks him for everything. Then, she and her parents on are the road. However, Julian and the red-eyed man are in the way. They activate a force field that causes the car to crash. In the aftermath, only Naomi is left; her parents are missing.

So Captive-vating

Danny Delgado/The CW

Naomi is with Annabelle at Dee’s shop hoping he can help, but when they find that he’s been kidnapped. Annabelle tells Naomi to start from the beginning, so Naomi tells her about the crash and eventually that she was leaving. When Annabelle is up to speed, Naomi wonders why Brutus’ people didn’t take her instead. She realizes they want to hurt the people close to her, prompting her to ask Annabelle where their friends are. The girls find their friends at a paintball tournament. While there, Naomi spots the red-eyed man but can’t find him when she looks.

Meanwhile, the adults are trapped in a power dampening room. Dee learns that Greg and Jen were leaving and is upset. They counter by telling him about a betrayer, pointedly looking at Akira and Zumbado, who point fingers right back. A bit later, Akira senses a shift in the building’s geothermal energy, which may lead to a power surge that will open a portal. Zumbado says Brutus’ people want to take Naomi to Earth-29.

The kids head to where Naomi and Dee trained. Jacob sets up a device that tracks aliens and gets a hit at an abandoned warehouse. Naomi says she forgot something upstairs and tries to make a clean getaway, but her friends are faster and are waiting for her (thanks to a back entrance). They try to convince her to let them help, but she doesn’t want them in danger. Jacob warns her it could be a trap, but it doesn’t matter. Naomi uses her super speed to leave.

Into the Multiverse

Naomi arrives at the warehouse and sees the portal. Then Julian and the red-eyed man appear, and Naomi figures out the plan. After some taunting on Julian and his pal’s part, Naomi reveals she’s not there alone, and Julian disappears. He eventually ends up in another area where Naomi’s friends are working to free the adults. Jacob succeeds as the others fend off Julian, and they go get the adults.

After Naomi uses her powers to knock out Julian, she prepares to walk through the portal. Annabelle finds her and says she can’t because Brutus will be waiting on the other side. Naomi knows and explains why she has to do it anyway. The two hug and Naomi walks through the portal.

Et Tu, Brutus

Naomi lands on Earth-29, where she finally confronts Brutus. When he reveals he’s not from that universe, Naomi wonders why he’s there. He claims it’s for “opportunities” and to save the planet, but Naomi points out the bad things he’s done. In response, he throws a dagger at her that knicks her neck, breaking her invincibility. He explains that her power is the reason she reacted so strongly to the Superman incident. He then uses his powers to pin her and amplify her memories of the night she left Earth-29. Naomi yells at him to stop, but he says that deep down she knows the truth. He offers her another chance to join him, but she denies and unleashes her powers, which also restores part of the planet around them. Shortly after, Zumbado and Akira show up, and Akira stays behind so Zumbado and Naomi can escape.

Their Betrayal

Nathan Bolster/The CW

Naomi, Dee, and Zumbado are back at Zumbado’s shop. Zumbado returns the disc and says they should try to recruit The 29 to help take down Brutus. Now that he knows how powerful Naomi is, he’ll come after her. Naomi suggests they start with Akira, but Zumbado thinks it’s likely Brutus killed her. Dee chimes in suggesting they continue training Naomi. But she thinks she should do the next bit alone, telling Dee he should go find Qyeala. He tries to refuse at first, but she talks him into it.

As things calm down, Naomi, Greg, and Jen go bury what’s left of the transport vessel. Greg asks Naomi to hand him a piece. When she touches it, she flashes back to leaving Earth-29 again and learns that Greg and Jen were the betrayers. They claim it was for the greater good to help heal their planet, and they still love her. Naomi is upset and doesn’t believe them. So, she flies away.

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