‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 9 “Meet Your Maker”

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This week on Batwoman, OG Poison Ivy struggles to regain her strength. So, she opts for a new method. Ryan, Luke, and Sophie head out to find her, and Jada and an old friend seek out Renee. Read on to find out what happens in “Meet Your Maker.”

Seeking Strength

Two fishermen breaking the park’s catch and release policy are snatched up by vines from the water. Pamela emerges, weak, when Renee finds her. Sunlight also fails to rejuvenate Pam. Renee says Pam just needs time. Pam reminds her this is happening because of Renee, who knows who can help get Pam’s strength back. A bit later, Renee sets up an area for Pam to focus on nature and draw Mary to her.

Meanwhile, Ryan visits her mother’s grave while Luke works through his own issues via exercise at the new HQ. When Ryan returns, she gives Sophie the cold shoulder and tells Luke about an attack at the park. It turns out there were two other attacks as well. Luke shows Ryan darts he made that will subdue Pam until they can recreate the desiccation serum. Sophie does some quick research and finds the attacks all happened in the national park.

A Day at the Park

Ryan, Luke, and Sophie head to the park. During the drive, Sophie tries apologizing again as Ryan explains why she’s upset. Things get heated, and Luke gets Sophie’s attention just in time to stop her from hitting someone. Luke and Ryan go help the man, but vines appear and wrap around the car. Sophie escapes just in tim,e and the group runs. The vines, though, wrap around the man before impaling him. They also take the dart gun, and Sophie, Ryan, and Luke seek cover in a cabin.

Pam returns to Renee and wants to know how Batwoman found her. Renee wants to know what happened, and Pam tells her they’re not hurt. Renee says she wants to start over, and Pam concedes before using her pheromone control to keep Renee at the tent. Pam is going to kill Batwoman.

In the cabin, Luke (angrily) boards up the door. He thinks that everything is his fault and that he’s no superhero. Ryan and Sophie use each other’s shortcomings to remind Luke that failure is part of the deal. They still need him. Sophie tells them what supplies she found in the cabin, and Luke thinks he can make something to stop Pam.

Jada Enlists Help

Jada Jet returns this episode seeking Diggle’s help. She fills him in about Marquis and offers him a security job. He declines but suggests Jada go back to the original source of Marquis’ problem: the joy buzzer. Jada doesn’t know where it is, but Diggle has an idea that Renee Montoya does. So, they break into her office and search. As they do, Diggle wonders how Ryan found Jada. Jada isn’t sure and explains that she doesn’t treat Ryan like her daughter for Ryan’s protection. Jada searches through a couple more drawers and finds the buzzer.

Back to the Source

Alice reads the news story about OG Poison Ivy as she waits for Mary, who returns with coffee and a vacation suggestion. Just before they leave, Mary hears a loud and painful ringing noise. On the road, Mary hears the ringing again and wants to turn back. Alice won’t stop the car, so Mary makes her. Mary gets out and begins walking back, much to Alice’s chagrin. Alice shows Mary the news and thinks she should ignore the ringing; it’s the OG luring Mary. However, Mary wants to go, and Alice eventually caves.

When they arrive at the park, Alice wants to use brute force, which Mary opposes. In a burst of emotion, Alice reveals she doesn’t want Mary to get hurt. Mary understands why, and Alice … still wants to use brute force. So, Mary uses the pheromone control to keep Alice in the car and asleep. Mary heads out, and Renee finds her and shoots her with one of the darts Luke made.

Feeling Salty

Sophie again wants to know what Ryan’s problem is with her. Ryan mentions how it starts with Sophie thinking Ryan was a criminal. This frustrates Sophie, as she’s been trying but feels like Ryan hasn’t. As they argue, a vine creeps down the wall. Sophie asks Ryan what she wants, and before either woman can say much else, the vine grabs Sophie and pins her to the wall. Luke manages to release her with a salt and vinegar spray he made. They can’t make more, though, as they’re out of salt. Sophie remembers some she saw in the truck outside, and Ryan volunteers to go grab it.

Batwoman quietly creeps outside and makes it to the truck. She can’t reach the salt, so she climbs into the truck bed to grab it. In another area of the park, a father and son find Mary passed out. But she wakes up too late as vines take the dad away. The kid soon finds Batwoman and screams for help. Cue the return of the vines. Batwoman gets into the truck and tells Sophie to blow it up. Luke runs out and grabs the kid as a well-aimed shot from Sophie causes the truck to explode.

Cabin Canon in the Woods

While Luke tends to the kid, Sophie looks for Batwoman, whom she finds physically okay. She’s upset Ryan put her in that position and that Ryan knew what could’ve happened. Ryan explains her exhaustion, relaying every major thing that’s happened thus far. In response, Sophie kisses Ryan into stunned silence before walking away. And Ryan seems pretty okay about it (and we are, too).

Luke visits his dad’s grave. He shares his reservations about being Batwing but that maybe everything bad that’s happened was meant to; Luke is ready to do his own thing without worrying what his father might have thought. Soon, Diggle arrives, and we learn he turned to Luke to help open a trans-matter cube. He couldn’t and asks how Diggle opened it last time. When Diggle tells him it just opened, Luke thinks maybe it could happen again.

A Tangle of Ivy

Alice wakes up and goes to find Mary. Along the way, she finds the kid’s dad dead in a tree. Renee also searches for Pam. When she does, she reveals that Pam’s pheromone control failed because of a tolerance she was able to create. Renee thinks their relationship is toxic, but Pam thinks Renee doesn’t love her. While they talk, Mary arrives, and Pam gives Renee the option to help or leave. Renee leaves. When she’s gone, Mary and Pam join hands, and Pam siphons just enough energy from Mary to regain her strength.

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