‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 6 “Kicks Get Chicks”

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In this episode of Cobra Kai, the All Valley tournament board changes things up, leading Johnny to seek new recruits. Meanwhile, Tory seeks some guidance. Read on to find out what happens in “Kicks Get Chicks.”

Warning: Spoilers beyond this point.

The New All Valley

The All Valley board agonizes over how to change things up to keep attendance strong. Via Daniel telling his class, we learn the tournament will have a skills competition as well as a girls and boys division. The dojo with the most points by the end wins grand champion. The kids aren’t so certain, but Daniel thinks this is a good thing. Johnny doesn’t. His group has no girls, so he’ll need to recruit some. Meanwhile, Kreese and Terry are relatively unaffected.

Miguel and Johnny go to the high school where Johnny attempts to recruit some girls, but he’s a bit creepy about it. They run into Moon, who tells them that Piper might be interested. So, they go find Piper, and thanks to some pointers from Moon, Johnny gains Piper’s interest. During the next Eagle Fang session, Piper doesn’t show. Miguel learns she and some friends joined Cobra Kai instead. Johnny switches tactics, and he, Miguel, and Bert find the perfect addition, Devon, at a debate tournament.

Seeking Help

Tory’s aunt finds her in front of Cobra Kai hoping for money. She brings up Tory’s mother eventually dying, causing Tory to get defensive. Tory says that since she’s almost 18, she can fully take over her family, but her aunt thinks otherwise before leaving. Shaken by the encounter, Tory turns to Amanda for help. The school is willing to let Tory return, but she needs the LaRussos to sign off. Amanda agrees but only if Tory will get help, and she says she will. Then, Daniel and Samantha return home, surprised to see Tory.

A bit later, Samantha and Amanda argue. Samantha’s frustrated that after everything, Amanda wants to help Tory. When they’re alone, Daniel voices a similar concern. So, Amanda tells him about the time she got arrested and how it relates to Tory. She just wants to help break a pattern. This prompts Daniel to go speak with Robby. He explains the negative influence of Terry Silver, who shows up and ends the conversation.

Meanwhile, Samantha goes to visit Aisha. She tells Samantha about how she approached a tough situation and how what Johnny taught wasn’t entirely off base. Maybe Samantha could use that. When Tory returns to school, Samantha confronts her and lets her know what’s what.

Hawk Relearns How to Fly

Demetri visits a dejected Eli and tries to get him to come back. But Eli says he quits. Demetri explains how, because of Eli, karate turned out to be the best thing that happened to him. He pulls up one of their Binary Brothers videos to remind Eli that they’re still best friends, adding that the mohawk doesn’t define Eli. During the next Miyagi-Do class, Eli returns and is ready to help however he can.

Cobra Kai season 4 is streaming now on Netflix. Keep up with our season recaps here.

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