‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 7 “Minefields”

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In this Cobra Kai episode, Daniel learns Anthony is dealing with bullying, only he doesn’t know the whole truth. Johnny and Miguel’s relationship also faces a shift while Terry and Kreese encounter their own increasing tension. Read on to find out what happens in “Minefields.”

Warning: Spoilers beyond this point.

Anthony’s Lie

Lia and Anthony catch up at school, and then she goes to talk with Kenny (much to Anthony’s annoyance). After gym class, Anthony steals Kenny’s clothes, including his Cobra Kai hoodie. At home, Daniel finds the hoodie. Anthony admits he took it from someone but claims the kid was messing with him. This prompts Daniel to bring Anthony to the dojo where he starts Anthony off with cleaning the cars for training. Daniel returns and finds out Anthony paid someone else to do it. When they’ve both cooled off, Daniel shares a memory about Mr. Miyagi regarding Anthony, whose guilt is written across his face. He tells Daniel he’ll handle the kid.

Miguel Learns the Truth

Johnny goes to pick up Miguel for class. Miguel leaves the room which gives Carmen and Johnny a minute to make a plan to tell Miguel. But Miguel finds Johnny’s headband and asks about it. Carmen and Johnny come clean, and for now, Miguel is cool about it. During class, though, Johnny treats Miguel noticeably different as he trains Devon and the rest of the Eagle Fangs. That night, Miguel points out how weird Johnny is being and that he’s not really okay after all.

Johnny finds Miguel at school and brings him to the warehouse. He admits he doesn’t know what he’s doing because of he didn’t with Robby. Johnny continues opening up to Miguel, sharing why he wasn’t there for Robby and his own issues with his father. He doesn’t want to make the same mistake with Miguel. Miguel says it’s still a little weird but wants Johnny to keep being his sensei. Johnny then tells Miguel he’s going to teach a new kick called the flying tornado to beat Cobra Kai. A few moments later, Samantha joins them. She still wants to learn both styles.

The Real Bullies Are Revealed

Lia invites Anthony to the fair, mentioning Kenny. When she’s gone, Anthony approaches Kenny, wanting to talk civilly. Kenny, however, is tired of Anthony and co. and provokes them. Another chase ensues, but this time, Kenny leads them to the library and fights back. Just before he can knock out Anthony, a teacher finds them. Daniel and Amanda go to the school after the incident. They believe Anthony is the victim. But the principal tells them Anthony is part of the group receiving punishment and shows them video proof.

We All Have Weaknesses

During a Cobra Kai class, Terry explains that everyone has a weakness, even Kreese. The class will focus on the kids learning how to find that weakness. Kreese and Terry turn it into a small competition: they each choose fighters and whoever gets the most hits owes the other a pack of beer. Thanks to Robby’s weak spot for Kenny, Terry ends up winning. So, as agreed, Kreese brings the beer. He mentions the comment about his weakness, and he uses what happened in Vietnam against Terry to prove his point.

Cobra Kai season 4 is streaming now on Netflix. Keep up with our season recaps here.

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