‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 8 “Party Time”

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In episode 8 of Cobra Kai, prom night is here, and Samantha and Miguel are determined to enjoy the night. But, of course, things soon go sideways. Back home, Amanda and Daniel get a bit of a wakeup call about their parenting. Read on to find out what happens in “Party Time.”

Warning: Spoilers beyond this point.

The Cobra Kai Effect

The episode opens with the return of Raymond (aka Stingray), who now lives with his sister, does not get along with his neighbor, and still wants to be part of Cobra Kai. Speaking of, their next lesson is how to get inside an opponent’s head. They pair up, and Tory and Robby settle on prom. As they work, Ray shows up hoping to rejoin the dojo. Kreese refuses and sends him away.

At the LaRussos’, Daniel, his mother, Samantha, Amanda, Louie, and Louie’s sister Vanessa wait for Miguel, his grandmother, Carmen, and Johnny to arrive for prom photos. When Carmen and Johnny get home, Shannon is waiting for them. She tells Johnny that Terry approached her and told her how he helped Robby for prom. He also gave her cash and offered her a job. She doesn’t know his game, but she tells Johnny to deal with it.

Oh, What a Night

Prom is in full swing. Eli and Demetri aren’t having a great time, but Yasmine surprises Demetri, and Eli pines over Moon. Meanwhile, Samantha and Miguel are determined to enjoy themselves. Well… until Robby and Tory arrive. They show-off on the dance floor as Miguel and Samantha unhappily watch. In another area, Ray tells Bert to invite everyone to an after-party.

It’s party time. Ray’s neighbor angrily tells them to shut the party down. After humiliating Ray, Ray uses a few karate moves on his neighbor and the party continues. Samantha and Tory run into each other by the pool, and it doesn’t immediately go downhill. Then Tory mentions her deal with Amanda, which is enough to provoke Samantha into starting a fight. Miguel and Robby get involved, and it ends as they fall into the pool. Samantha is angry, but Robby and Tory really couldn’t care less. Their night ends on a high note.

Parenting Under Fire

Louie tells Daniel and Amanda that Vanessa can help them with Anthony. They don’t believe him until Vanessa offers a preliminary assessment. Vanessa talks with them about how they parent Anthony, making solid enough points that Amanda and Daniel become defensive. Afterwards, Daniel goes to talk with Anthony. He takes a softer approach until he discovers Anthony still has a tablet tucked away. Angry, Daniel takes it and breaks it. (Damn, Daniel.) The next morning, Daniel and Amanda see Anthony taking out the trash. He did take Daniel’s words to heart after all.

Back Where It All Began

Johnny goes to confront Terry, who watches via a security camera from home. He calls Johnny and gives him a location. The location in question? The original Cobra Kai dojo. While they wait for Johnny, Terry tells Kreese he wants to expand. When Johnny arrives, Terry begins to attack him. Kreese doesn’t seem thrilled about it, and Terry explains that if Johnny’s students see him beat up, they’ll lose hope.

After prom, Miguel goes to Johnny’s place and finds him lying on the floor, bruised and drunk. Miguel helps Johnny into bed. Before falling asleep, Johnny says that he wants to be there for Miguel, even if he sucks at it. Miguel thinks he’s doing okay and tells Johnny he loves him. Johnny says it back, but instead of saying Miguel’s name, he says Robby.

The episode ends as Ray again returns to the main Cobra Kai dojo. This time, he faces an intoxicated Terry, who beats the snot out of Ray.

Cobra Kai season 4 is streaming now on Netflix. Keep up with our season recaps here.

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