‘Dexter: New Blood’ Recap: Episode 9 “The Family Business”

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This week marks the penultimate episode of Dexter: New Blood. Dexter stays true to his promise to Harrison, leading them to become closer than ever. Meanwhile, Angela wonders just how much she knows Jim Lindsay/Dexter Morgan as she continues her investigation. Read on to find out what happens in “The Family Business.”

Warning: We’re in the business of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Clowning Around (Dexter Morgan Style)

dexter: new blood episode 9
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The episode kicks off with a flashback as Dexter watches someone (who looks like a wannabe Joker) at a place called Mr. Wiggles Playground. Later that night, he snoops around (the triumphant return of the Henley) searching for evidence. As the scene plays out, he narrates how some bad guys slip through the cracks, and in the present, he’s telling all this to Harrison. Dexter mentions the Dark Passenger and explains what it is. Harrison asks why they are the way they are, and Dexter says it’s because they saw their mothers murdered. Harrison shares he felt misunderstood, and Dexter agrees, saying he thought Harry would institutionalize him.

The flashback and narration continue as Dexter leads into the Code, explaining that the person needs to fit the Code before anything else happens. Then, he finds his evidence. In the present, Dexter tells Harrison his urges began around Harrison’s age, which is when Harry gave Dexter the Code to channel them and use them for good and a way forward. Continuing the flashback, Dexter says he can act once there’s proof, and he includes that he kidnaps the person (and Deb gives him a warning). He then explains how he prepares a place to confront the person, including the victim photos and (almost) the blood slides until Deb stops him. So, he forgoes that part of the ritual.

Finally, Dexter wakes up Wiggles and prepares to kill him. Deb warns him that if he tells Harrison this next part, there’s no going back. Dexter kills Wiggles but only tells Harrison the whole ordeal was only meant to scare the person. Back in the present, Dexter confirms this lessens the Dark Passenger’s intensity. Harrison responds by saying Dexter is like a vigilante, like Batman.

“I like Dark Defender.”


Harrison admits all of this is a lot to process. He asks about Kurt, but Dexter isn’t worried. The two say goodnight and Dexter wishes Harrison a Merry Christmas. But the wrapping’s not all done, as Dexter in voiceover says, “I still have one more gift to wrap… in plastic!” Next, he goes to deal with Elric’s body.

The Gift(s) of Fatherhood

dexter: new blood episode 9
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It’s Christmas morning, and Dexter gives Harrison his gifts, including a rifle meant to help Harrison fit in. The two go outside and Dexter teaches Harrison how to shoot. Harrison asks if Dexter went after Kurt because of what Kurt did to Harrison. Dexter reveals Kurt’s been killing women, but he didn’t tell Angela, because he didn’t have proof and she’ll get suspicious. He says he has a plan, and his voiceover reveals he wants Harrison to ask what it is. Instead, Harrison gives Dexter a gift: a drawing of Deb. Before they head to Angela’s, Dexter brings out one more present: an ugly Christmas sweater.

At the Bishops’, Audrey notes that Harrison seems happier. He tells her he found a way to let go of his anger. The group does their gift exchange, which goes well until Kurt shows up with a peace offering for Angela. He makes a show of telling Dexter how lucky he is to spend the holiday with Harrison before leaving. Shortly after, Dexter and Harrison rush out (which Audrey notes is kinda weird). Harrison begins to panic. In the truck, he suggests they do what he THINKS Dexter did to Wiggles. Dexter agrees, but first they need proof.

The Proof Is in the Sketchy Dirt Patch

dexter: new blood episode 9
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Harrison uses the drone Kurt gave him to search the property. As he does, he admits that Dexter was right about Ethan, apologizing for how he reacted. He wonders why Dexter didn’t tell him everything then. Dexter says he wanted to exhaust other options first. After a beat, Harrison adds that something about Wiggles’ ending doesn’t really feel like justice. Dexter asks what justice looks like. So, Harrison reveals that when he was 12, he fantasized about hunting down and killing Trinity with his own razor. Deb quietly shakes her head at Dexter, who simply responds to Harrison by saying he understands. On the drone tablet, Dexter notices the spot where Kurt disappeared, and Harrison sees a vent. They’ll check it out that night.

Meanwhile, Kurt is on the war path. He brings a gasoline truck to Dexter’s cabin, dousing the building with gas and setting it on fire. His intention is to lure Dexter and Harrison out and shoot them, but they’re not home. In fact, they’re heading into Kurt’s underground lair. Dexter descends and Harrison points out a security camera. Dexter deliberately steps on the wire that triggers an alert on Kurt’s phone. An angry Kurt flees the arson and heads back.

The Disappearance of…

Angela examines photos of the Bay Harbor Butcher bodies, searching for and comparing puncture wounds. She later heads to the livestock vet (Dr. Patel), asking about recent ketamine purchases. After three irrelevant names, Dr. Patel mentions Jim Lindsay. That evening, Angela listens to Molly’s podcast, but she’s interrupted when Dexter calls saying he and Harrison won’t make it later, as they’re going hiking. Angela continues the podcast when Audrey accidentally scares her. Audrey mentions it, and Angela asks if Audrey believes Miami Metro got the wrong guy. She’s not sure but is glad they live away from all the monsters. When Audrey’s gone, Angela calls Molly, who doesn’t pick up.

Angela decides to head to the inn where Molly was staying. The clerk tells Angela that nothing seemed out of the ordinary with Molly’s departure. He brings her to examine the room, which seems normal. Then Angela notices the safe is still locked. The clerk unlocks it, and inside, Angela finds Molly’s recording gear – gear she would never leave behind.

Merry Killmas Christmas

dexter: new blood episode 9
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Dexter and Harrison find Kurt’s embalming room and another area farther back (in what seems to be a shipping container). As Harrison walks, he triggers motion sensor lights that reveal a long corridor of large cases with display windows. And in each case are the women Kurt killed and preserved. When Harrison reaches the end, he stops in front of one: Molly Park. He mentions Kurt getting away with this, asking if Dexter actually killed Wiggles. Deb doesn’t want him to tell, but Dexter says yes, and he also killed Trinity (though he skews the timeline a bit). After a beat, Harrison says Kurt needs to die.

Kurt returns and grabs what he needs to get out of town. Harrison confronts him while Dexter sneaks up and tranquilizes him. Back underground, Dexter finishes prepping the kill space. Harrison watches and asks how many people Dexter has killed. Dexter reveals it’s in the hundreds, and Harrison remarks it’s like he’s saved thousands of people. Dexter beams at this, as he’s hearing himself painted as a hero. He checks in with Harrison before waking Kurt up.

When Kurt wakes, Dexter jumps right to telling him to spare the daddy issues excuse. Kurt admits his crimes, claiming it was for safety (when actually it was for power). Harrrison jumps in to remind that Kurt tried to kill him, leading Kurt to reveal that Dexter killed Matt. Dexter assures Harrison that Matt fit the Code before gagging Kurt. Dexter checks in once more with Harrison and then kills Kurt. Harrison is shocked (and maybe even a little afraid), but he’s ready to watch Dexter continue with the disposal process.

Ashes to Ashes

dexter: new blood episode 9
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Dexter dismembers Kurt’s body while Harrison watches. A stream of blood begins to flow towards Harrison, and he remembers Rita’s death. He becomes overwhelmed and waits outside for Dexter. They head to the incinerator to burn Kurt’s body. Harrison asks what happens when people notice, and Dexter explains how they will think he skipped town. When Dexter checks in about the Dark Passenger, Harrison says it’s quiet. He adds that it’s good no more women will get killed. (While Harrison is currently holding up okay, he seems to be saying this more for Dexter’s benefit than because he truly believes it. While he’s giving little away, his enthusiasm seems to be replaced by something resembling apprehension now that he’s seen Dexter in action.)

When they get home, they see the cabin burned to the ground. Angela and Audrey are there, and Angela demands to know where Dexter and Harrison were. Again, Dexter claims hiking and that he lost track of time. Audrey checks that Harrison and Dexter can stay with her and Angela, but Dexter says they’ll stay at the inn. Audrey wins this battle, though. At the Bishops’, the kids and Dexter head to the kitchen. Angela sees an envelope in her mailbox. She opens it and finds a note that says Jim killed Matt, along with the other titanium screws.

Other Noteworthy Moments

  • While Dexter deals with Elric, Deb remarks that Harrison will ask more questions, which Dexter will answer. Deb points out how messed up it is that Dexter dismembers bodies after the way his mother died. He points out Harrison used a straight razor, like Trinity did with Rita.
  • In the shed, Dexter admires his knives. Deb thinks he’s going too far, but Dexter uses what Harrison said about Trinity and what Harry taught him as justification. When Deb argues back, Dexter grabs her face and emphasizes that his way is best. (It’s worth noting that while Deb has touched Dexter prior to this, he’s never initiated the contact until now. He has control over this situation and is set on maintaining it.)

With only one episode left, many questions still remain. Kurt may be gone, but Dexter isn’t in the clear. Who sent Angela the note, and how will it affect her Bay Harbor Butcher investigation? The evidence is becoming quite stacked against Dexter. What will justice for his crimes look like? What consequences will he pass on to Harrison? It’s anyone’s guess how the show will end, but we can’t wait to find out.

The Dexter: New Blood finale airs next Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Showtime. Keep up with our weekly recaps here, and the rest of our coverage here.

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