‘Clue®: Dexter’ Review: A Fun Twist to Kill at Game Night

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The Op Games

Tonight’s the night … for games. Earlier this month, The Op released their latest take on the classic Clue® game, bringing Dexter Morgan to the murder mystery.

In Clue®: Dexter, players will help Miami Metro PD track down a serial killer terrorizing Miami. Players work through nine different crime scenes from the show to figure out which killer is on the loose, where they’ve killed, and which Miami Metro detective is investigating the case. Players can choose to play as one of six of Miami Metro’s finest and apprehend six iconic Dexter baddies, including Trinity, the Ice Truck Killer, and more, with each killer having their own token.

Gameplay works closely to that of the original Clue®. Three CLUE cards – a killer, investigator, and location – go in an envelope only to be checked when someone is ready to make an accusation. In this version, players can choose to play as Deb, Masuka, Angel, Joey, Doakes, or LaGuerta. Each turn, players must try to reach a different crime scene where they name a killer, an investigator, and the location they’re in to eliminate and narrow down each category to make an accurate accusation. To spice things up a bit, this version also includes personality cards for each investigator, with each one having a different power to help throughout the game. The intrigue cards work in a similar way but are only drawn when a player lands on a designated question mark space on the board or rolls a question mark.

As a Dexter fan, I appreciated the details that went into making the game unique, and I think many others will, too. First, the inclusion of a Bay Harbor Butcher intrigue card (eight total) was a great way to incorporate Dexter’s brand of justice. If all eight BHB cards are pulled before the mystery is solved, time runs out and Dexter deals with the killer himself. Other intrigue cards also stayed on theme with Miami Metro, giving players a chance to catch a break in the case, receive FBI assistance, and more. The board itself is a feast for the eyes, with stills from the show featuring the team in action at each game-related crime scene. I especially enjoyed the blood spatter around the board, and the smiley face many fans will recognize. The CLUE cards are also designed to look like mini case files, which has no real bearing on the game but certainly adds to the appeal.

Clue®: Dexter is a fun twist fans of Dexter will enjoy. It’s simple enough to learn quickly and keeps players invested by offering a challenge for players to puzzle through. It works for a lowkey game night with two people, though I recommend three or more for optimal gameplay. Overall, it’s a great addition to any Dexter fan’s collection.

Clue®: Dexter is available now for purchase. After you’ve apprehended the killer, unwind with Dexter and Dexter: New Blood, streaming now on Showtime. Find the rest of our Dexter related coverage here.

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