‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Surprise Party”

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The Sex Lives of College Girls Surprise Party

In this episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls, Whitney comes clean about the affair, Kimberly learns the truth about Nico, and Bela writes her first piece for the Catullan. Read on to find out everything that happens in “The Surprise Party.”

Warning: brief mentions of sexual assault.

Surprise! Nico’s a Cheater

The Sex Lives of College Girls Surprise Party

Episode 7 revealed that Nico has a girlfriend, and she’s Leighton’s friend, Maya. Leighton is planning a surprise party for her brother and she, of course, invites her roommates to the party. Kimberly stresses about what to buy him and Whitney even suggests a journal, but Nico tells her not to worry about it. One surprise up Leighton’s sleeve is his girlfriend. Because his hookups with Kimberly have been mostly under wraps, things get awkward fast once the reveal happens. Nico tries to apologize but Kimberly wants nothing to do with it. On her way out of the frat house, she takes the Econ file he offered her previously to help her pass the class.

“Hot guys don’t journal. They let their thoughts fade away; that’s why they’re hot.”

Whitney’s Truth

The Sex Lives of College Girls Surprise Party

At the beginning of the episode, Whitney shoots the winning goal to advance the team to the NCAA Tournament. Riding the high from the game, she gets called into her head coach’s office. She learns that someone has been sleeping with Coach Dalton and when questioned about it, she dodges it entirely. The truth coming out would ruin her future and her mom’s campaign. She plans on letting it disappear until she’s told the bus driver saw Dalton kissing a girl; not just any girl, one of the Black players on the team. She realizes she has to come clean to the coach, so she does. She goes to her home to admit she had been sleeping with him but it’s over now. However, the statement had already been given and she promised Whitney she wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

At the end of the episode, it’s revealed that both coaches were relieved of their duties and will no longer be servicing the team.

Bela’s First Winning Piece

The Sex Lives of College Girls Surprise Party

Per tradition, every new Catullan writer must submit a piece on their first day. Carla offers to team up with Bela and it gets approved. While they’re discussing what they should write about, something is weighing heavily on Carla. Ryan (you know, the one being creepy with girls?) has been inappropriate with her, sexually assaulting her. Unfortunately, Bela had been in the same situation with him, but chooses not to say anything to her. When asked if she was planning on telling anyone, Carla confides she doesn’t know; everyone already thinks she’s weird. The next day, all members are told that Carla has parted ways with the Catullan for an unknown reason. Though Bela wins, she makes note that Carla helped her with that piece. Everyone brushes it off, making jokes of their own, but Bela knows the reality of the situation.

New episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls air Thursdays on HBO Max. Catch up on past episodes with our recaps.

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