‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 “Kappa”

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The Sex Lives of College Girls Kappa

In this episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls, Leighton and Whitney get invited to a Kappa brunch while Bela meets one of her heroes. But does the saying never meet your heroes prove true? Read on to find out what happens in “Kappa.”

Leighton and Whitney Do Brunch

The Sex Lives of College Girls Kappa

Both Leighton and Whitney received “Mykonos blue” invites to the Kappa house for brunch. While Whitney ops for taking dressing casual literally, Leighton has done her research on the sorority. Everyone knows the Kappa girls version of casual is more like “In my Sunday best on my way to Church” casual. Leighton struggles to get along with the girls as her extensive knowledge is a little bit off-putting. Meanwhile, they’ve all taken a liking to Whitney.

The Bela of the Gala

The Sex Lives of College Girls Kappa

Catullan is hosting an alumni dinner that Bela drags Kimberly to. Bela knows a fellow alumnus and one of the greatest comedic minds will be in attendance and she wants to chat with him. Bela introduces herself to Danny, calling herself a “Catullan hopeful.” Danny says he’s jealous, he’s admiring pictures of himself without a receding hairline. She jokes about her arm hair creating an Elvis wig and he compliments her and wishes her luck.

During Danny’s speech, he calls out Bela as the future of the business, following it up with a sexist joke about how she’ll be the only ethnic woman to sell a television show about balancing her love life and career. Bela stands up for herself and all the other women in the room by calling him out. Danny gets upset and barges out. The Catullan can forget about his donation check.

Bela didn’t just stand up for all the women. A fellow member thanks her for calling Danny out; he made jokes about him being gay for years. He pledges to match half of Danny’s donation.

Willow Uncovers the Truth

The Sex Lives of College Girls Kappa

The soccer team is traveling away for their game which of course means Coach Dalton will be there too. Dalton and Whitney are excited to get alone time together. The team went out for drinks and mini-golf and as Whitney is flipping through her phone to show Willow a photo, she passes a shirtless picture of Dalton by accident. Willow connects the dots that they are sleeping together but promises to keep her secret.

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