‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 “Naked Party”

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The Sex Lives of College Girls episode 2

Mindy Kaling’s new HBO Max comedy series, The Sex Lives of College Girls is officially available to stream. In episode 2 new acquaintances are made, bonds are broken, and there are a lot more hookups. Keep reading for our recap of the episode and be sure to check out our episode 1 recap here.

Happy FDOC

Kimberly and Bela are on their way to their FDOC (first day of classes, as coined by Kimberly). As they part ways, Kimberly gets yet another text from Max asking if he should tell their friends they broke up (talk about a douche). Kimberly spots Nico and they spark up a conversation about the party the night prior and French.

Meanwhile, Leighton is swiping through her dating apps when she gets a call from her father singing the Essex alma matter on the other end. He asks how life is treating her on campus, if she’s made up with Esme and Francesca, and if she’s met any boys. Snarkily she says she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. He doesn’t find it funny.

She Shoots, She Scores!

Whitney is at soccer practice where Coach Dalton begins giving her orders. Ignoring him and her team, she runs the ball down the field, and instead of making a shot in the net, she kicks it right into his face. Once in his office, he claims he was planning to tell her about his marriage, Whitney doesn’t believe it. Dalton says he just wants honesty so Whitney hits him with a dose of reality: “You’re a f’ing creep, I’m a f’ing catch, never speak to me again.”

Snacks & Chit Chat

Bela is at the second round of cuts. Bela is trying to make amends with some of the girls she burned with her … unique way of being chosen. She pulls Evangeline aside to ask if she got her email and apology, Evangeline says yes; she responded but it must have gotten stuck. She resends it, and the only thing it says are two very colorful words. We’ll let you figure that one out.

The Sex Lives of College Girls episode 2

Make Being Gay Cool Again.

Leighton is on another one of her late-night hookup escapades. Once the woman begins asking personal questions, including if she’s out, Leighton is put off. Leighton asks when the woman came out. She says in high school and wondered out loud if it was “cool” to be gay now. Leighton didn’t ask to be lectured by a “suburban mom in a bad cardigan,” she came to have a good time.

Bela somehow got Kimberly and Jocelyn to join her at a naked party. The two get drunk and Kimberly shows up at Nico’s frat asking him to tutor her in French. Bela runs into Evangeline at the party and the two make up. Evangeline lets it be known she campaigned for Bela to join even though everyone else was questioning if she should be there.

Against all judgment, Whitney turns up at Jena’s party. She brings a gift to hopefully bring peace but she walks in on Jena and her boyfriend arguing. Soon, Jena confides in Whitney that they broke up. Whitney tries to cheer her up with compliments that seem to work. At least for now, the two are on the same page. Friends? Maybe. We’ll see.

The first two episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls are now streaming on HBO Max. Episodes 3-5 will release next Thursday.

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