Ben Barnes Chats With Brett Goldstein on ‘Films To Be Buried With’

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If you weren’t aware, English actor, comedian, and writer Brett Goldstein, best known from Ted Lasso, has a podcast! Films To Be Buried With is a podcast that takes the question, what’s your favorite movie, and expands it to cover major moments of a person’s life. On its 169th episode, Goldstein invited Ben Barnes to sit down and chat.

Goldstein has a unique formula to his podcast; after discussing any new projects the guest has on the horizon, and talking a little about life, he comically informs them that they sadly have died. The guest must then answer several questions about their favorite films and how they affected major moments in their lives.

Barnes answers these questions with charming, funny, and moving tidbits about his past. A hilarious memory from a childhood viewing of The Witches will surely have listeners laughing. From a tender moment watching Romeo and Juliet on his first date to how Back to the Future may be the greatest movie ever made. Long-time fans of Barnes are sure to learn something new about him. We won’t spoil the answer to Goldstein’s last question to Barnes: what movie would you like to be buried with? But we think listeners will be pleasantly surprised.

If you are interested in listening to the episode, you can find Goldstein’s podcast here. Also, if you happen just to be a Ben Barnes fan in general, we highly recommend checking out our review of his brand new EP Songs For You. Make sure to follow Nerds and Beyond to stay up to date on any news!

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