The Ninth Is Back in Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures — Respond to All Calls’

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Big Finish has released the second volume of the Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures today. In Respond to All Calls, The Doctor answers calls for help in three brand new adventures. The third and fourth volumes will be out in November 2021 and February 2022 respectively.

Christopher Eccleston is back as the Ninth Doctor and is joined by Gemma Whelan (Zazie Vincent), Pearl Appleby (DC Jana Lee), Benjamin Davies (Douglas), Damian Lynch (Artie Berger), and Adrian Schiller (Maurice Le Bon).

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures — Respond to All Calls is directed by Helen Goldwyn and produced by David Richardson. The synopses for the three stories were released earlier by Big Finish and can be found below.

“Girl, Deconstructed” by Lisa McMullin: Marnie is missing. But she hasn’t run away, as her dad fears – Marnie is still very much at home. But not quite as she was. The Doctor joins forces with Missing Persons detective Jana Lee to help solve the mystery of a girl who’s gone to pieces.

“Fright Motif” by Tim Foley: “In post-War Paris, musician Artie Berger has lost his mojo, but gained a predator – something that seeps through the cracks of dissonance to devour the unwary. Luckily for Artie, the Doctor is here. Unluckily for everyone, he needs bait to trap a monster…”

“Planet of the End” by Timothy X Atack: “The Doctor arrives on a mausoleum world for sightseeing and light pedantry, correcting its planetary records. The resident AI has other ideas. Deep within a tomb, something stirs. Occasus is the last resting place of a species far too dangerous to exist. And the Doctor is its way back.

You can watch the trailer for the box set here:

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures — Respond to All Calls is available as a CD, a digital download, and a limited vinyl edition on Big Finish’s website. Listeners can also buy a bundle of all four volumes to save money.

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