‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 4 “The Sex Cabin”


Now that they’ve been dating for a while, Victor and Benji are ready to take things to the next level — and so are Lake and Felix. But as reality sets in, some of them realize they may not be as a ready as they initially thought. Read on to find out what happened in “The Sex Cabin.”

The episode opens with Victor and Benji making out basically everywhere, starting at Brasstown where they’re interrupted by Sarah. Next, while at Benji’s, they get interrupted by Benji’s father, who comments on the quilt Victor pulled onto his lap in the nick of time. At school, they make their way into a dark supply closet. Benji asks how Victor’s hands are on his butt and his face at the same time, revealing that Felix and Lake are also in there, and Felix accidentally mistook Benji for Lake. They turn the lights on, and Benji says he and Victor have been struggling to find privacy, and so have Lake and Felix. Benji suggests they take a weekend trip to his family’s cabin at Lake Lanier, and everyone agrees. Lake and Benji (“butt twins”) head to class, and Felix and Victor stay behind to straighten up the closet. Felix begins to ask Victor about him and Benji, and Victor tells him they haven’t had sex yet, nor have Felix and Lake. Victor wants his and Benji’s first time to be special, thinking the cabin is the perfect place.

Lake meets up with Mia, who’s clutching a scone and lost in her thoughts, feeling dreamy. She tells Lake about her early morning date with Tyler, who took her to see the sunrise. Lake mentions the cabin, thinking Mia and Tyler should go too, also revealing that Andrew and Lucy will be there. Mia asks if Lake and Felix plan to have sex, but Lake turns shy, saying she’s not sure how good an idea it is with a bunch of them at a cabin, not thinking it’s romantic. Mia feels otherwise, going from how it is romantic and making a comment about them and the universe. Lake briefly pops the bubble, and the two head to class.

Back home, Victor is about to ask Isabel about going to the cabin. Armando enters, there to pick up the kids to bring to his place for the weekend. Victor uses that as his chance to tell his parents about the cabin. Armando quickly approves, but Isabel thinks they should talk about. Victor gets a little snarky, leading Isabel to give in even though she’s clearly not happy about it.

Victor, Benji, Felix, and Lake arrive at the cabin — a massive cabin — and are excited for the weekend ahead. Benji shows Victor the room they’ll be sleeping in, and Victor seems a little nervous. Benji heads into the bathroom, and Victor’s anxiety for what may or may not happen that weekend is ramped up a little more when he spots a bottle of lube on the bed. He sends a DM to Simon that doesn’t go through, as there’s no service at the cabin.

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Mia and Tyler head to the cabin, talking about art. Mia tries to keep the conversation going but Tyler is disinterested. He begins talking about a new photo series he’s working on when his car makes a loud noise … that he ignores. Mia tells him to stop, and they get out to find a flat tire. Tyler says he has a spare and, like the gentleman he is, asks Mia to change the tire so he doesn’t mess up his hands for his photo series.

Armando returns home to pick up Heather. Isabel goes to take the turtle out of her tank while she and Armando talk about Adrian’s attachment to Heather. When Isabel reaches the tank, Heather is gone, and she and Armando begin searching.

Victor is still trying to get service as Andrew and Lucy arrive. Andrew makes a comment about “doing it on a bear skin rug,” and Benji points out the bedrooms. Felix then makes his own comment to Lake about a rug in their room. Lake gets nervous and excuses herself. Benji checks on Victor, who claims he’s trying to text his parents that they made it. Benji says the general store nearby has service and he offers to take Victor there. Instead, Felix jumps in and offers to go.

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While they walk, Felix shares that he’s worried Lake isn’t attracted to him, which Victor says isn’t true. Felix continues that it’s probably easier with two guys, but Victor disagrees. He explains that he’s nervous about having sex with Benji because he’s a virgin but Benji isn’t, and Victor isn’t sure how it’s supposed to work; he didn’t get the same examples in movies that straight people do. He needs a gay person to talk to about it. When they reach the general store, Victor leaves another message for Simon, asking him to share everything he knows about gay sex.

Inside, Felix stares down the condoms. Andrews shows up and grabs a couple boxes, prompting Felix to mention Andrew and Lucy’s sex life. Felix tells Andrew about Lake. Andrew says that Felix just needs to be confident, while also accepting that “some moments will live on in the sexual blooper reel of [their] lives.” He continues that even that won’t matter if it’s with the right person. Andrew ends his pep talk by reminding Felix about grooming, handing him a box of shaving razors. Felix heads back out to an even more stressed Victor. Felix says he just needs to relax. Victor doesn’t know how, but at that moment, Andrew walks out with vodka in hand.

Mia is trying to change the tire, relying on Tyler’s instruction to do so. She asks for the next step, but Tyler doesn’t respond. Instead, he takes photos of a pile of animal feces, clearly being super helpful.

Isabel and Armando continue to look for Heather. Isabel tells Armando to go be with the kids, but Armando isn’t leaving without Heather; Adrian is already on the brink. Isabel remarks that everyone is, to which Armando responds by acknowledging he knows she’s upset with him about saying yes to Victor. He wanted to show his support, something he’s learning how to do in PFLAG. Isabel is surprised Armando is adjusting so well, feeling frustrated that he’s so far ahead of her. He tells her she’ll get there too. Their hands meet, some vibes jump out, and Isabel says they should keep looking for Heather.

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The group drinks and Andrew suggests they play a drinking game. Lake is quick to say they should do something that gets Benji naked, earning her some looks. She then says maybe they could play Never Have I Ever instead. As they do, Victor’s anxiety grows, as the questions are sex related. Soon, a disheveled Mia finally arrives. In her own round of the game, she reveals she dumped Tyler and walked five miles. She downs a cup of vodka, and Andrew asks, “Can I get you a drink?” (His one-liners this episode are just A+.)

Later, Victor tries again to find a signal. He stands on the bed and gets excited when he has one bar. A missed call from Simon comes through. Still trying to keep the service, Victor falls off the bed and hits his head against the nightstand. He goes into the bathroom where he finds Felix sitting with a towel spotted with blood on his lap. Victor asks what happened. Felix says he had “a manscaping accident” because he had to use conditioner instead of shaving cream, and things got slippery. Felix reciprocates and asks about Victor, who tells him. Felix wonders why Victor doesn’t just tell Benji he’s not ready. Victor cites it’s the same reason Felix won’t tell Lake about his worries.

Felix limps into his and Lake’s room. When she notices, he tells her what happened. She asks why he was shaving at all, and he tells her it’s because he wanted to be ready for her. He goes on to say that while he understands if she’s not ready, he wants to know if she’s attracted to him. She says yes, and it’s her own doubts preventing her from wanting to move forward. She opens up about her mom putting her on diets and doing weigh-ins since Lake was 5-years-old, marring her self-esteem. Felix begins to tell Lake she’s beautiful, and Lake finishes the sentence, already knowing what he’s going to say. But she struggles to believe it. Felix tells her again, because she needs to hear it. Instead of sex, he suggests they go do something fun and stupid.

Andrew joins Mia outside. He apologizes about Tyler, and she asks about Lucy. He doesn’t say much about her and looks up at the star-filled night sky. He echoes Mia’s earlier comment about the universe. Mia smiles at him, and Lucy watches them from inside.

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Victor sits on the edge of the bed, and Benji comes back from a walk, bringing up how weird Victor is acting. Victor admits that he’s terrified of having sex, because he doesn’t want Benji to have to teach him another thing about being gay. Benji sits with him, telling Victor it’s okay, because this is new to him too, being with someone he … but he doesn’t say the words. The two kiss and lie back on the bed, just enjoying being with each other in the moment.

The next sequence begins with Lake and Felix wrapped only in towels by the lake. Together, they drop the towels and take each other in before jumping in the water. Meanwhile, Isabel and Armando lie in bed together — and Heather takes a stroll on Armando’s jeans. The next morning sees Lake and Felix lying wrapped up on the dock, revealing they ended up having sex after all, and both are happy.

Victor and Benji are still fast asleep. A message from Simon comes through, and in a voiceover, he tells Victor that his and Benji’s sex life is between them. Only Victor can make the decision. The boys wake up, and Victor says good morning to Benji … and then says, “I love you.” Benji is stunned, and Victor says it’s okay if Benji doesn’t say it back. But he does. They begin to kiss, and things heat up. But this time, Victor is ready.

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