‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 10 “Close Your Eyes”


It’s time for Veronica and Harold’s wedding! Our main crew begin to work out their feelings and reach major decisions. Isabel makes amends, and Mia receives major news. Read on to find out what happened in Love, Victor Season 2, Episode 10 “Close Your Eyes.”

Victor looks at his and Benji’s invite to the wedding and checks to see if Simon responded yet (he hasn’t). He goes into the living to talk to Pilar and is surprised by Rahim. He asks Pilar if she’ll go to the wedding him, but she declines. He tries to change her mind, but she suggests Rahim go in her place. Victor asks Rahim, who’s worried Benji will be upset, but Victor doesn’t think so. Rahim agrees.

At Armando’s, Shelby is getting ready to head out. As Armando sees her out, Isabel is poised to knock on the door. She goes inside, where she tells Armando that she’s worried about Victor, acknowledging that she may be part of the reason why he and Benji are on a break. She continues by telling Armando about how upset Victor was about Shelby. They’ve been separated for six months, and Armando needs to make a decision.

Felix is setting up brunch when the doorbell rings. He opens the door to see Dawn and the two embrace. While they eat, Dawn tells Felix about another patient in the hospital. Felix mentions she looks good, and Dawn says she feels good. She admits she had bad days but tells him that she pushed through by imagining the things she wouldn’t get to watch him accomplish if she didn’t try. Felix offers to skip the wedding, but Dawn doesn’t think Lake would like that. Felix breaks the news that he and Lake broke up because she betrayed his trust. Dawn understands, but she’s also grateful for what Lake did, saying that Lake risked their relationship so Dawn could get the help she needed.

At Mia’s, where the wedding is happening, Lake enlists Mia’s help to pick out an outfit. Harold and Veronica come out, and Harold goes to talk with someone. Mia gives Veronica a gift: her grandmother’s necklace, thinking it can be Veronica’s “something old.” They hug, and Mia says she’s glad they’re going to be a family. When Harold returns, Veronica goes to him and nudges him to tell Mia something. He reveals that he took the job in Stanford because it was too big to decline. Mia starts to leave. Harold wants to talk, but Mia doesn’t and leaves, Lake following.

Felix shows up at Victor’s so they can head to the wedding. Pilar answers and calls for Victor. Felix tells her about Dawn, but Pilar struggles to be excited. She thinks that things should go back to how they used to be. Before it gets too awkward, Victor comes in, and shortly after, Rahim arrives, too. They exchange compliments and get going.

The wedding is about to start. Mia and Andrew settle into their seats, and Andrew tells her they’ll figure something out regarding Stanford. Meanwhile, Lucy (there for a catering job) spots Lake and offers her lemonade. She spots Felix over Lake’s shoulder, and Lake confesses she’s not as “single and ready to mingle” as she’s pretending. Lucy dumps a glass of champagne into Lake’s lemonade before heading off. Lake goes to sit with Felix. She notices Victor and Rahim and asks about Benji. Felix fills her in, and Lake remarks that Victor moves fast. Felix says Victor and Rahim are just friends, but Lake isn’t buying it (and quite frankly, neither am I).

The wedding starts and Veronica and Harold exchange their vows. As they do, Andrew looks at Mia, Lake at Felix, and Victor at Rahim during sections that could just as easily be about each of the pairs.

At Brasstown, Benji looks at a photo of Victor and Felix at the wedding. Isabel shows up and wants to talk. They sit at a table, and Isabel offers him a container of the pollo guisado he didn’t get a chance to try. She apologizes but mostly for potentially being the reason Benji and Victor are on a break. Benji shares that their problems are more than that – and more than 16-year-olds can handle. Isabel says that it doesn’t matter if they’re willing to put in the work. She tells him that Victor put his all into the relationship, even standing up to Isabel for the first time in his life to defend Benji. She stands to leave but not before making sure Benji knows the proper way to reheat the pollo.

After the ceremony, Victor and Rahim try oysters, which goes about as well as you’d expect. Rahim thanks Victor for inviting him. On the dance floor, Andrew says Mia could live with him. Harold intrudes to dance with Mia, but she can’t do it and leaves. Andrew tells Harold that he always admired him, but after what Harold did, Andrew lost that respect. He reminds Harold what Mia has been through with her mom and that despite everything, she’s still resilient. He ends by saying that if Harold moves her away, she might not recover.

Armando is at Shelby’s for dinner, heading up to the front door. Isabel calls him to let him know she talked with Benji, and he’s happy for her. She tells him how she plans to celebrate, but he already knows, saying it with her as she tells him. They hang up, and Armando knocks on the door. Shelby greets him, and he heads inside. (Armando, that’s not Isabel.)

Lake watches Felix, and Lucy joins her again. Lake asks if she has more champagne for liquid courage. Lucy gives her a quick once-over and says, “that jumpsuit is all the courage you need.” (Please tell me I’m not the only one who picked up on those vibes.) Lake goes to Felix and asks if he’d like to dance, and he does. Meanwhile, Rahim mentions liking the song playing (“All My Life” by K-Ci & JoJo), and Victor asks him to dance. They go onto the floor, both sharing that it’s their first slow dancing with another guy.

Felix thanks Lake for what she did, saying he’ll never forget it. She feels something in his jacket pocket, and he pulls out a bag of Swedish Fish that Pilar tucked in there for Dawn. Lake asks about it, but Felix says it’s nothing. They continue dancing, but Felix excuses himself.

Benji arrives at the wedding and spots Victor and Rahim dancing (uh oh). Victor goes to talk to him and follows him to the side of the house. Victor tries to explain that he and Rahim are just friends, but Benji doesn’t believe him and leaves. Rahim finds Victor, and Victor tells him what just happened … but Rahim also doesn’t think this is a “just friends” situation. He confesses his feelings for Victor, adding that he didn’t mean to get between him and Benji. Rahim adds that he and Victor are magic together. Then, he kisses Victor! He tells Victor to figure his stuff out, and if he feels the same, he knows where Rahim lives. Rahim leaves, and Victor is speechless.

Victor goes to Mia’s room to get away, and he finds Felix is there too. Felix tells him that Lake wants to get back together, but he likes someone else. Victor wants to know who, and Felix begins to tell him about Pilar. Before continuing, he checks that Victor won’t hit him. He goes on to explain that he has the best time with Pilar, but Lake is the first girl he loved. Felix asks what Victor’s issue is, who says it’s pretty similar, telling Felix about Benji and Rahim. Felix pulls out Dawn’s trick and has Victor close his eyes and imagine different scenarios. When he’s done walking Victor through it, he asks if he pictured someone, and Victor says yes. Felix did, too.  

Victor heads out and begins jogging down the street to his person, too impatient to wait for a ride. Felix leaves, too, and finds Pilar taking out the trash. He brings up the Swedish Fish, and she tries to play it off. Felix tells her that he doesn’t want to be friends. When she begins to say how rude that is, Felix kisses her.

Lake is on her way out and finds Lucy packing up. Lucy asks about Felix, and Lake says it wasn’t great. Lucy tells her that she never pictured Lake with Felix anyway. When Lake asks who, Lucy just says, “someone completely different” (but there is A LOOK). She grabs a bottle of champagne and asks if Lake wants to hang out after her shift. Lake doesn’t respond vocally, but her smile says it all.

The following sequence bounces between people, starting with Victor, who’s still running. Back at the Brooks’, Harold knocks on Mia’s door. When she doesn’t answer, he opens the door and finds a note on her bed. Where’s Mia? In a car with Andrew, who’s bringing her to see her mother. Meanwhile, Isabel indulges herself with ice cream when the doorbell rings. It’s Armando, equipped with hot fudge. He asks if there’s any ice cream left, and they kiss.

Victor is still running when he gets a call from Simon. He stops and answers, and not only do we hear Simon’s voice, but Nick Robinson is back! He apologizes for not responding to Victor sooner and wants to know what’s been going on. Victor says he worked it out with Felix. He starts to reflect, telling Simon that when he first reached out, he didn’t have anyone. Now that he’s out, he does. He tells Simon he’s been amazing, but now Victor is ready to move on to the next part of his life without Simon. Simon agrees and adds for Victor to stay in touch. Victor thanks him and hangs up.

At last, Victor arrives at his person’s door and rings the bell. The door opens (though there are no discernible features), and the episode and season end on a shot of Victor saying, “Hi.”

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