‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 9 “Victor’s Day Off”


Sometimes sitting in a classroom for eight hours is the last thing you need after a semi-breakup. So, Rahim and Victor decide to spend the day another way. Read on to find out what happened in “Victor’s Day Off.”

Victor messages Simon telling him about Benji. He goes to eat breakfast where Isabel joins him. She fills him in on what happened with Father Lawrence, but Victor doesn’t respond much. She continues and tells him about finding a new church, but Victor gets up to leave. She asks if everything is okay, and Victor says no. She asks if he wants to talk about it, but he doesn’t.

Outside of school, Victor watches Benji talk to someone. Rahim joins him and makes a joke about how perfect Benji’s hair is, picking up on Victor’s mood when he doesn’t laugh in response. Victor tells him that he and Benji are taking a break and now Victor has to go to class and pretend it’s fine. Rahim suggests they skip school (something he does from time to time) instead, and Victor agrees after another sad, longing look at Benji.

As they leave campus, Victor asks if the school ever calls Rahim’s parents. Rahim says they don’t, but he usually sends an email claiming a made-up Muslim holiday. That won’t work for Victor, though. So, Rahim takes it upon himself to call the school doing a terrible impersonation of Isabel saying Victor will be out due to food poisoning.

While they walk, Rahim tells Victor that he skips because sometimes he feels outside of the Creekwood bubble and needs space to breathe. Victor can’t stop thinking about Benji, so Rahim suggests they do something that takes Victor’s mind off Benji. Victor doesn’t know where that would be, but Rahim does. He brings Victor to a food truck, and as they eat, Victor shares a little bit about his parents. He asks Rahim about his, and Rahim reveals that he came out to them. He says they already knew, thanks to his mom finding his search history when he was 12 (Tom Holland + penis, for those of you who were wondering). Rahim thanks Victor for helping him be brave, and Victor says it was all Rahim and that he’s proud.

Rahim grins at his phone, and as Victor asks about it, Armando and Shelby walk by. Armando wants to know why they aren’t in school, and Rahim states it’s because he’s celebrating the “Muslim holiday of 1000 pistachios,” and Victor had a free period. He introduces himself to Armando, who introduces them to Shelby. Armando pulls Victor aside. Victor asks if Armando is on a date, and Armando says he is, but it’s new. Victor asks if Isabel knows. Armando says she does but turns the conversation to Victor, seeing right through Rahim’s excuse. Victor asks if he’s going to tell Isabel. Armando says if Victor goes back to class, he won’t.

Victor and Rahim walk back, and Victor vents about Armando and Shelby. Rahim asks if Victor thinks his parents should get back together, and Victor is conflicted. Rahim decides school can wait, and the next stop is to get pedicures. Rahim gushes at his phone again. When Victor asks, Rahim tells him he’s talking to a boy named Charlie that he met on an app. He shows Victor, who suggests Rahim invite Charlie to meet up. Rahim is reluctant, but Victor reminds him they’re doing what he wants today.

They go to Brasstown (don’t worry, Benji isn’t there) to meet with Charlie. Victor snags a table while Rahim goes to greet Charlie. Rahim does most of the talking, and soon, Charlie says the way Rahim talks and the way he is isn’t what Charlie expected – he’s not as masculine as Charlie would like (BOOOOO). Rahim says he gets it and returns to Victor feeling dejected and embarrassed. Victor tries to make him feel better by telling Rahim he’s a catch and would clean up at a gay bar. Rahim says the same about Victor then adds that things will work out with Benji. Victor declines a call from Isabel, then suggests they should go to a gay bar. Rahim doesn’t have an ID, but Victor says it won’t matter.

Only it does. IDs are checked at the door. Victor and Rahim try to make a game plan, and Victor spots a side door they can use. Once they’re inside, Rahim mirrors Victor’s reaction from season 1. He watches a dancer, in awe of the entire place. Victor semi-jokes Rahim should tip the dancer, but Rahim begins saying that this a place he feels like he belongs, and Victor knows. Finally, Victor gives Rahim a dollar so he can tip the dancer. A small montage follows of Victor and Rahim having the time of their lives.

At the bar, Rahim tells Victor what his type is, slipping in a tidbit about athletes that get Victor’s attention (mhmm). Rahim asks Victor’s type. Victor says it’s Benji, explaining that he did a lot of firsts with Benji and that’s how he figured out he was gay. Rahim says Victor is lucky he found that, and Victor thinks he’s still upset about Charlie. Rahim says it’s that he’s never had what Victor and Benji do, but Victor says he will.

Shortly after, an MC announces the start of karaoke. First up? Victor and Rahim. Victor is shook, but Rahim drags him onto the stage. The two begin singing “Holy” by Justin Bieber, and it’s as cute as you’re imagining. At the end of the song, Isabel shouts Victor’s name from the audience, and she isn’t happy.

Victor, Isabel, and Rahim leave, and Rahim apologizes. Victor wants to know how Isabel found them, and she tells him the school called her hoping Victor gets better. From there, Adrian helped her used Find My Phone. She has Rahim wait in the car, then she scolds Victor. She mentions telling Armando, but Victor says he already knows about skipping school, telling her that he saw Armando with Shelby. Isabel asks if that’s why Victor is acting out, and he finally tells her that he and Benji are taking a break. She asks why he didn’t say anything, and he admits that she thought she would be happy about it. She tells him that when he hurts, so does she; she wants him to be happy. She adds that even if things don’t work out with Benji, she knows Victor will find another person young man. They hug, and Victor comments he needs to stop having life changing moments outside of gay bars.

Isabel: “What? How many gay bars have you been to?”
Victor: “…I said outside of gay bars.”

They bring Rahim home, and Victor walks him to the front door. Victor thanks him for the day and says he had fun. Rahim says he did, too, and mentions going inside to finish his homework. They say goodnight but take their time actually going to their respective places.

Victor finally gets back in the car when Benji calls. Isabel tells him to answer and pretend she’s not there. When Victor hangs up, he shares that Benji thinks they shouldn’t go to the wedding together and need more time. Isabel apologizes but says maybe it’s a good thing. Victor glances at Rahim’s house one more time before asking to go home.

Love, Victor season 2 is streaming now on Hulu. Check back tomorrow for the next recap! In the meantime, find the rest of our coverage, including our season 2 review, here.

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