Thursday, February 2, 2023

Anne-Marie and Niall Horan “Our Song (Acoustic)” Revisits the Nostalgically Driven Bid for Closure

MUSICAnne-Marie and Niall Horan "Our Song (Acoustic)" Revisits the Nostalgically Driven Bid...

Took the ink from a quill to smudge it into four-minute traces of poetry with the return address to some indie artist lodged as a location marker punctured to a bent out-of-shape roadmap cobwebbed into the glovebox.

“Our Song’s (Acoustic) release sort of feels as if digging up that car ride mixtape in a final attempt to harmonize with someone only to realize it’s reached its coda. Perhaps it’s a bid to the softer production that lets awestruck lyrics glowingly alert to a puffed out in yellow highlighter street coined “I’ll be honest, I’m alright with me” or the pretty notes tinkering of Anne-Marie’s and Niall Horan’s vocals. 

Either way, reminisce the roads less traveled with the stripped-back version heard below.

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