Wednesday, February 8, 2023

‘Eragon’ Fans Launch Campaign For New Adaptation

BOOKS'Eragon' Fans Launch Campaign For New Adaptation

Fans of the beloved Inheritance Cycle have united to campaign for a new adaptation of the fantasy series! Supported by author Christopher Paolini, “Alagaësians” are asking for Disney to consider adapting the fantasy novels as a series on Disney+ through a day of tweets and tributes to the books.

The Inheritance Cycle follows the story of Eragon, a young farm boy whose world is changed forever when he discovers a dragon egg. The first novel Eragon was published in 2003 and quickly became a massive bestseller, with sequels Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance matching and exceeding that initial success. 20th Century Fox adapted the first book into a film in 2006, but fans were disappointed at the many changes made to the source material while critics largely panned the film. Additionally, the film did not perform as well as the studio hoped at the box office, so future plans to adapt the rest of the books did not materialize. Fans are hoping that Disney may choose to adapt the books as a television series, particularly with the recent success of a fan-driven campaign to get the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series remade for Disney+.

You can find more information about the campaign here, including a link to join a livestream of today’s events.

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