‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 2 “Day One, Take Two”

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School is back in session, and Victor contemplates his decision to tell everyone about him and Benji. Meanwhile, rumors quickly spread through the school, and Mia makes a new friend. Read on to find out what happened in “Day One, Take Two.”

Victor wakes up for the first day back to school, finding a message from Simon who’s proud of Victor. As Victor gets dressed, Simon’s voiceover mentions how Victor is probably looking for just the right outfit. Victor lands on one and heads to the kitchen where Pilar, Adrian, and Isabel are, and they all agree the hat Victor chose is a no-go. Adrian and Pilar go finish getting ready for school. Before Victor heads out, Isabel reminds him that kids can be cruel about people who are different (read: gay), continuing that once Victor tells everyone about him and Benji, he can’t take it back. She wants to know if this is what he really wants. Annoyed, Victor says it is and is ready to be done with the conversation.

Felix talks with the landlord outside, asking for an extension on the rent, offering some very expired ADD pills. The landlord doesn’t cave, instead asking about Felix’s mother. Felix dodges the question, telling the landlord he knows they’re good for the money. Pilar quietly watches from the front door as the landlord offers one more extension (and tells Felix to leave the pills in his mailbox). Pilar asks what that was about, and Felix tries to avoid answering. Victor rushes out right past the two, and they all head to school.

Mia and Lake arrive at school, and as they walk towards the entrance, Lake brings up Victor. Mia just wants everyone to know about him and Benji so they can move on, but Lake is worried about the Creekwood rumor mill, thinking people will say that Mia turned Victor gay. They spot Andrew and Lucy, and Lake is glad that Andrew got over Mia. But Mia looks anything but happy for him.

At Victor’s locker, Benji asks if he’s nervous about telling everyone about them. Victor then sees Mia and goes to talk with her, both of them still feeling awkward about what happened. When he returns to Benji, three of Victor’s teammates approach, making a rude comment to ask if Victor and Mia are still dating. Victor reveals they broke up, but when asked why, he can’t bring himself to say it’s because he’s dating Benji now, which frustrates Benji. So, he tells them that it was because of the long-distance, which his teammates take to mean that Mia cheated. As a result, one of the team members posts on Creek Secrets that Mia cheated, and the rumor spreads like wildfire as we see Mia walk through the halls, unaware of what’s going on. Lake, though, sees the post and runs to find Mia.

During lunch, Benji watches on in disgust as Andrew and Lucy make out, making a snarky remark to Victor, who’s just arrived, that causes them to stop. Lucy asks if Victor and Benji started telling people, to which Benji answers, “Nope.” Victor pulls him aside and assures Benji he still wants to, just not that day. Benji says that even though it’s scary, it will be worth it.

Lake zooms past to find Mia, asking if she saw Creek Secrets. When Mia says no, Lake shows her the post. Mia is confused, thinking Victor was going to tell people the truth. The three from earlier find her and taunt her. Victor approaches behind them as Mia starts to walk away. One makes another rude remark about Mia, prompting Victor to shove him to the ground.

Later, Mia does homework in her room. Harold comes in, sensing something is wrong. Mia says it’s nothing, switching the conversation to him being dressed up. He tells her it’s for the botany department party, soon convincing her to go with him.

At Victor’s, Isabel and Armando scold him over the call from the principal they received about what happened earlier. They say he’ll only have detention due to things being hard at home with the separation. Armando also mentions the rumors about Mia, which prompts Isabel to add that Victor defending her honor means he must still feel something for her. Victor grows frustrated and angry, calling them out on insinuating that what he did was okay because it was for a girl. He reveals the doubt Isabel caused, surprising Armando. Isabel gets defensive, claiming that Victor is twisting her words. He counters by saying that if it’s not true, tell him that she supports him. But she takes too long to answer, leading Armando to jump in and say that of course they support him. Victor doesn’t want to hear it from Armando, he wants to hear it from Isabel, who can’t say it.

Mia and Harold are at the botany party, and Harold goes to talk to someone. While he does, Mia meets a student, Tyler, and they connect over being artists. Tyler asks what year she is, and she tells him she’s a college freshman, and they continue to chat. She soon gets a text from Victor, then asks Tyler if he wants to go do something fun. He invites her to go with him to meet up with his friends on the quad for wine and cheese, taking a couple bottles of wine from the party before leaving (“It’s BYO wine”).

Back at home, Felix does homework on the front steps. Pilar comes out and playfully teases him. She shares that she goes outside to escape her apartment, asking what Felix is escaping, revealing she overheard his conversation with the landlord. Felix tells her that he’s nearly broke, as his mom’s current depressive episode is lasting longer than usual, and she stopped going to work. When he tells Pilar they’re only $200 short, she digs out an envelope of cash she earned during her summer job and offers it to him. He denies the offer, but she claims she was saving for a now sold-out Billie Eilish concert, and he accepts, feeling stunned, relieved, and grateful. Before heading back in, Pilar tells him that if he couldn’t make rent and had to leave, Victor would miss. Felix teases that wouldn’t be just Victor who missed him.

Mia, Tyler, and two of his friends enjoy themselves on the quad. Mia’s just told them about Victor, and they cheer her up after she states that she doesn’t know why she’s telling them anything. She gets another text from Victor, and thanks everyone for the time they spent together; she needed it. Tyler offers to walk her back to her dorm, and Mia tells him she lives off campus. Before leaving, she adds her number to Tyler’s phone, wanting to see him again.

Victor and Benji work on closing Brasstown, and Victor finishes telling Benji about Isabel being the reason he couldn’t come out. He thinks Benji got lucky with his parents, but Benji says otherwise. He tells Victor about the time his father brought him to a strip club after he came out, wanting to double check Benji was sure, which obviously he was. Victor doubts he could be as brave as Benji and asks him not to give up on Victor. Benji says he won’t. They can tell everyone when Victor is ready. Until then, Benji creates a small but sweet gesture that will indicate to Victor every time he wants to do something boyfriend-y.

Armando goes to pick up Adrian, asking Isabel where Victor is, who left early. Armando tells her about the internet rabbit hole he went down, leading him to a group for parents with gay children (PFLAG), suggesting they go. Isabel is resistant, but Armando tells her that something needs to change before they lose Victor.

Mia and Lake walk into school, and Lake shuts down someone she notices spreading rumors about Mia, who’s floating in her own world. She tells Lake the gossip will blow over as she receives a text from Tyler. While she reads it, they run into Victor. Lake leaves them, and Victor apologizes about the rumors, thinking it’s his fault. Mia reassures him it’s just high school and reminds Victor he doesn’t owe her anything, because he’s not her boyfriend. Victor knows that, but he also knows they’re not nothing to each other. Mia says she doesn’t know what they are and walks away.

Inside, Pilar’s friends want to know why she can’t afford the Billie Eilish tickets that are going on sale soon. She spots Felix and says that something else came up. Meanwhile, Victor finds Benji, who makes his gesture. Victor smiles and looks around, first at Mia and then at Lake and Felix. He grabs a chair and drags it into the middle of the very crowded hallway. He steps up and gets everyone’s attention. He starts by clearing up that Mia didn’t cheat on him, and it wasn’t anyone’s fault they broke up. Then, Victor comes out, sharing that he’s dating Benji, who, along with Victor’s friends, watch on, proud. He ends by saying how happy he is and steps down. With everyone still watching, he reaches his hand out to Benji. In a voiceover, Victor tells Simon what happened, as he and Benji walk down the hall holding hands. They kiss and look absolutely happy.

Love, Victor season 2 is streaming now on Hulu. Check back tomorrow for the next recap! In the meantime, find the rest of our coverage, including our season 2 review, here.

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