‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 1 “Perfect Summer Bubble”


Love, Victor is finally back! In the season premiere episode, viewers finally see what Isabel and Armando’s reactions are to Victor coming out, Victor seems freer, and the end of summer break approaches. Read on to find out what happened in “Perfect Summer Bubble.”

The episode picks up right where season 1 ended: Victor has just come out to his parents and Pilar. Pilar stands and hugs him, saying she loves him. Armando and Isabel, though, take longer to respond, both stunned. Eventually Armando asks about Mia, and Victor admits that he thought he could make it work with her. Armando then asks when Victor decided he was gay.

“I didn’t decide it. I just … am it.”


Silence fills the room again, prompting Victor to ask Isabel to say something. Instead, she suggests they all talk about it tomorrow and heads out of the room. Armando follows shortly, awkwardly patting Victor on the arm. When they’re gone, Pilar asks Victor if he’s okay. He says he is, and that Isabel and Armando just need time.

Ten weeks later, summer break is reaching an end. In a voiceover, Victor updates Simon about what’s been happening, each update playing out accordingly. He tells Simon things are pretty awkward with Isabel, and when he tells her he’s going to hang out with Benji, Felix, and Lake, she acknowledges all of them as just his friends. Armando has moved into a new apartment, slightly less awkward around Victor, who knows Armando isn’t as cheerful as he seems about the separation. On the Benji front, Armando copes by coming up with nicknames for Benji. Meanwhile, Victor and Benji are as in sync as ever at work, and Victor shares that only their friends know about them. As the two make out in the back room, Victor describes that they’re in a perfect bubble. Felix interrupts, revealing he’s started working there over the summer. Lake gets Victor and Benji back to work after popping her head in and asking about her drink. Finally, we learn Victor and Mia haven’t talked since the dance, and Mia’s been working as a camp counselor.

After their shift, Benji and Victor decide that they’re going to tell everyone at school about them dating. Victor smiles and says he’s ready to come out to everyone. Felix and Lake join them, and Felix wants to make end of summer plans, suggesting they go see a documentary. Victor suggests taking a trip to Lake Lanier for a bonfire, and everyone agrees. They start to schedule a time; Lake wants to do it on Saturday since Mia returns on Sunday. Victor says it should be after dinner, as Isabel is cooking pollo guisado, which gets Felix and Lake excited. Benji makes a comment, which reveals he hasn’t been to Victor’s place since they started dating. After a beat, Victor invites them all over. Later, Victor heads home and lets Isabel know he invited the group over dinner, including Benji. Isabel acknowledges, but she looks anything but excited.

Saturday arrives and with it, Mia, a day early. She finds her father and Veronica attempting to assemble a crib. As she greets them, it’s clear that things between her and Veronica have improved. Veronica then tells Mia that her room is currently housing baby supplies, but Mia says it’s fine, looking a little disappointed.

Adrian heads to Armando’s place, Armando excited to have Adrian there. He says he has Jumanji (the new one) ready to play, but Adrian is disinterested. He asks Armando if he has any games. When he says no, Adrian asks if he can go home. Instead, Armando asks Adrian what would make the place more fun.

Michael Desmond/Hulu

A little later, Isabel taste tests the pollo. She glances out the window and sees Benji and Victor kiss, prompting her to dump the entire pot into the garbage. Shortly after, Victor, Benji, Lake, and Felix arrive. Benji tries to be cordial, but the scene oozes awkwardness. Isabel lies and says the chicken was burned beyond eating. She suggests the group goes out to get pizza, and Victor counters by saying they should order in, much to Isabel’s chagrin. Lake gets a call from Mia and goes outside to take it. Mia tells Lake she’s home and asks if she can come over. Lake admits that she’s at Victor’s but is willing to go to Mia, who says it’s okay. Lake tells her about the bonfire and invites her to go with them. Mia responds by saying she’ll think about.

Everyone including Pilar sit in the living room while they wait for the pizza. Victor brings in some chips and salsa, over which everyone attempts to make awkward small talk. Pilar mentions that Benji is in a band, and Victor shoots her a grateful smile. He continues by adding that Isabel got a new job as a music director at church, and that she and Benji have similar music tastes. She quickly changes the subject, though, asking Felix about his job, complimenting his fruit smoothies. Felix brings the conversation back around to Benji, who tries to joke with Isabel. Uncomfortable, Isabel says she’s getting acid reflux and gets up to leave. Victor thinks she should wait it out, but she snaps at him and leaves anyway. After a few moments, Victor, Lake, Felix, and Benji decide to just go to the bonfire.

Tyler Golden/Hulu

Adrian and Armando walk out of the pet store, now carting a turtle (named Heather) and supplies. Adrian stops and says he needs two tanks, that way Heather can live at both places. Armando tells him Heather will only stay at his place, which prompts Adrian to change his mind. He already misses Armando half the time and doesn’t want to feel the same with Heather.

Mia picks up dinner and runs into Andrew. She briefly catches him up and apologizes for not responding to his care package; she needed time to figure some things out. Enter Lucy, Andrew’s girlfriend. She tells Mia they started dating over the summer. Mia tries to act happy but seems a little hurt by this. They part ways, and just before Mia gets into her car, she looks up Lake Lanier on her Maps app.

Adrian and Armando bring Heather back to Isabel’s. After Adrian goes inside, Isabel asks Armando how his new place is, and he confesses that it’s “depressing as hell.” Isabel wonders if they’re doing the right thing, and Armando thinks they are — their fighting wasn’t good for anyone. Isabel brings up Benji and Victor. Armando agrees it’s a lot for him to wrap his head around, and she asks him if he thinks he ever will. He says yes, of course, because it’s who Victor is, and Victor is their son. They both need to accept him. (I was not expecting Armando to be the one to accept Victor first. His growth this season already is so wonderful to see.)

Patrick Wymore/Hulu

At Lake Lanier, Felix gets the fire going and Lake takes him to go get the fireworks with her. Benji apologizes to Victor about what happened earlier, and Victor says his mom will come around eventually. Benji tells him that it’s okay to be angry, but Victor seems more hurt than anything. He explains how Isabel has been his family through so much, but now she’s acting cold towards him. He also admits that even though he wants to be excited about telling everyone about them, he’s also terrified. He’d rather stay in their summer bubble. Benji comforts him by saying that they can, as long as Victor remembers that everything else is just noise. Felix and Lake rejoin them, and from a distance, Mia watches the group, soon turning back to leave.

The next sequence is a montage that starts with Isabel at church as she silently prays at the votive candles. Back at the lake, the group sets off and admires the fireworks, happy in each other’s company. Meanwhile, Armando sits in his apartment, looking sadly at Heather’s empty tank. The montage ends with Mia, who opens Andrew’s care package for what’s clearly the first time. She finds a note that says he wants to be with her.

Victor and Felix return to their building. Felix wants to know if it’s possible he could continue working at Brasstown, and Victor says he’ll ask. Felix goes into his apartment, where his mother sits on the couch, appearing to be in a deeply depressed state. He goes to make her something to eat, spotting a past due notice on the fridge.

Isabel is prepping to go to bed when Victor enters. She asks if he had a good time with his friends, to which he responds he did. He follows by reminding her that Benji is his boyfriend and would like Isabel to call him that.

Love, Victor season 2 is streaming now on Hulu. Check back tomorrow for the next recap! In the meantime, find the rest of our coverage, including our season 2 review, here.

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