‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 14 “And Justice for All”

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This week on Batwoman, a new strain of Snake Bite causes people to have an appetite for something a little more unsavory, Alice must deal with the revelation that Kate is still alive, and Ryan, Sophie, and Luke find themselves in a bind. Read on to find out what happens in “And Justice for All.”

The episode picks up where last week’s ended: Alice has realized that Circe is actually Kate, just with the wrong memories. Circe brushes aside Alice’s remark, admiring her new face in a hand mirror. Alice tries to prompt Kate to re-emerge, with no luck. Roman returns and is overjoyed and emotional seeing Circe’s new face. He tells Alice she can leave, but she no longer wants to. Two guards show up and between them and Circe and Roman’s glaring, Alice eventually leaves.

Batwoman intercepts a Snake Bite sale happening. She knocks out the seller and chases after the buyer, following him into a rundown abandoned church. She calls out to him, but he doesn’t appear. Soon, she finds another woman eating the man.

At The Hold Up, Ryan hosts a fundraiser for the new community center. Luke shows her an article about a “flesh-eating zombie,” but a different one than the woman Batwoman saw. Imani joins them and tells them about a donation. She then asks Luke how his mom is doing, much to Luke’s confusion. Ryan “reminds” him what was wrong with her, and Luke plays along. When Imani goes back to mingling, Ryan tells Luke about having to bail on Imani.

Ryan asks Luke how Kate dated, and he tells her how Kate always had to lie about herself. A pair of cops walk in, Imani being the first to approach them. They tell her they received a noise complaint, asking what’s going on. She tells them it’s a fundraiser, and they start to become hostile, claiming the event requires a noise permit. Ryan jumps in and defends Imani and the event, questioning the cops. They give her two options: shut down the fundraiser or pay a ridiculous fine and receive a mark on her liquor license. Ryan continues to question them, and Luke joins next, agreeing to the cops demands, but Ryan pushes back. As things continue to escalate, the cops grab Ryan, who begins to panic, telling them to let go of her. Luke tries to stop them, but it ends with the pair getting arrested.

Once mostly everyone has cleared out, Sophie shows up and asks one of the cops what happened. He avoids the question and tells Sophie the fundraiser is over. Sophie asks about Ryan, noticing notes the cop is writing, again requesting to know what happened. In response, he tells her not to be aggressive, but she holds her ground.

Ryan and Luke are in a holding cell. Ryan wants to call Mary but can’t remember her number. Luke makes a remark, causing Ryan to respond sarcastically, frustrated that he wanted to turn off the music earlier. He explains that he was trying to keep things peaceful. A few moments later, he says he’ll call the Crow hotline to reach Sophie. But there’s no need, because Sophie has just joined them in the cell.

A man on a different strain of Snake Bite finds and roots through a dumpster, desperate for food. He spots a woman and grabs her, telling her he wants to eat her face. He doesn’t, though, and releases her. A cop finds him, saying he wants to help. The man explains that he’s on Snake Bite and is dangerous, about ready to go after the cop as well. Before he can, two other Snake Bite zombies attack the cop.

In the holding cell, Sophie mentions that she told the cop from the bar that she’s a Crow, but he didn’t believe her. Ryan says if Sophie had been in uniform, that wouldn’t have happened. Sophie shoots back that Ryan shouldn’t have put her hands on the cop but continues that she knows that’s not how it happened, but it’s how the cop is reporting it.

Alice talks to Dr. Rhyme, who’s currently tied up and suspended above her desk. Alice is upset that Dr. Rhyme didn’t tell Alice that Kate is alive and also brainwashed. She wants to know how to bring Kate’s mind back. Dr. Rhyme tells her it’s not that simple, because Kate underwent intense hypnosis; she needs something of Kate’s to help unlock a core memory.

Mary tends to Jacob, who thinks the treatment is unnecessary. Mary wants to know what happened, but Jacob only reveals his initial hit of Snake Bite when False Face injected him. Mary knows better, but Jacob doesn’t say anything else. The man from earlier, who shares his name is Richard, enters the clinic asking for help. He binds himself to one of the beds, saying he’ll probably try to eat Mary and Jacob.

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Alice goes to a train in the tunnel, taking out a set of keys. Ocean shows up and asks where she’s been. She only reveals that she was in Black Mask’s cellar. She tries to leave, but Ocean stops her. He says she can confide in him. She tells him that Kate is alive, and he pulls her into a hug.

Mary asks Richard what he took, but he claims it was only Snake Bite. She runs him through everything she found in his blood sample. He shares that this dose looked different; all he wanted was to see his wife again, who died in a car accident. He wanted a do-over.

Back in the cell, Sophie explains that there aren’t enough BIPOC in law enforcement, especially Black people, using this as her reasoning as to why she joined the Crows. She wanted to be a role model for Black girls. Ryan still distrusts the Crows, but this time, she listens. Sophie continues by mentioning how she risks her life and identity in a way Ryan doesn’t. Luke adds that he understands life hasn’t been easy for her. Ryan apologizes for getting heated, and Sophie hears her.

“We’re all heated, girl. But that’s how we burn it down”

Sophie Moore

Another man, Eli, joins them in the cell, telling them about the zombies terrorizing Gotham. Meanwhile, a group of them get a hold of another woman. A cop shows and calls it in, a second turns on the bat signal, and Ryan hears the call from a radio on a desk. She grows anxious about not being able to help, saying they need to get out. Right on cue, Imani bails them out, thanks to a civil rights lawyer. She’s hoping to spend the night with Ryan, who has to turn her down.

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Jacob helps Mary tend to patients, as Mary gets a call from Luke. She tells him about patients missing chunks of flesh. She adds that it’s a different version of Snake Bite that impacts brain chemistry so intensely that it leaves users craving other people’s memories. Luke realizes that’s why they’re going for the brain, sparking an idea for Mary.

Sophie briefs the Crows on the situation. When she brings up an area technically outside of Crows jurisdiction, Tavaroff asks if Commander Kane approved it, and she admits he’s not answering his phone. Tavaroff throws Sophie’s arrest in her face, but she reminds him that she’s the acting commander and tells them they’re moving forward with her plan.

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Luke tells Ryan that Mary figured out that Clonazepam will counteract the side effects of the Snake Bite. Ryan is nearly suited up and ready to go. She asks Luke what the plan is to distribute it to everyone at once, expecting something like a gas. Luke instead reveals a case full of individual syringes.

Alice brings Ocean to Dr. Rhyme, and Ocean unties her. Dr. Rhyme asks if Alice has her item, and Alice shows the keys from earlier – the keys to Kate’s motorcycle. Dr. Rhyme asks what they symbolize. Alice responds they’re freedom; Kate used to ride her motorcycle to be free. Dr. Rhyme discloses that restored memories bring restored pain, and Kate won’t be who Alice remembers, the one smart enough to lock Alice up. Alice tries to brush this aside and asks if the keys will work. Dr. Rhyme says yes … but only paired with a trigger word. Before she can say what, Ocean kills her.

Batwoman arrives at the church and begins injecting the Snake Bite zombies. They capture her, but she manages to break free, and just in time. Tavaroff and a few other Crows arrive and begin recklessly shooting to take down bodies, killing everyone else in the church, except Batwoman.

At the clinic, Mary thanks Jacob for helping. She then brings up that he took Snake Bite to see Kate and Beth again, and this time, he confirms it. Mary becomes frustrated and upset, hurt that while she was trying to live through her pain, Jacob chose to escape it and wasn’t there to live through it with her, saying it’s causing him to lose her, too. Richard (who has eaten half his hand) interrupts. Jacob grabs a scalpel and tells him to stay away. Richard runs out and through an alley when another cop approaches him wanting to help. Richard bites the cop’s neck instead. Batwoman finds Richard and injects him with the antidote. The cop is relieved she showed, and she responds with a shaded remark about almost not making it.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Later at The Hold Up, Ryan reads a news report about GCPD finding a Snake Bite stash and the Crows “helping” with the zombies. She gets a round of shots for her, Sophie, and Luke. Sophie declares “[she’s] out,” meaning she’s out of the Crows. She explains that she didn’t listen to those telling her about them, including her own instinct. Ryan responds that they don’t deserve her, and the good guys need her.

Alice tries to wake up Dr. Rhyme and thinks Ocean did it for revenge. He tells her he doesn’t want her to get Kate back. Alice then decides it’s jealousy, but Ocean explains how Kate gave up on Alice, saying that it’s better if Alice forgets Kate is alive.

Ryan talks to Imani, telling her that Cora would’ve liked her, and Imani thinks she would’ve like Cora, too – she could see where Ryan got her “grit, integrity, and honesty.” This prompts Ryan to confess she hasn’t been fully honest with Imani, but she doesn’t reveal why. She says Imani deserves better.

Luke heads home, on the phone with Mary. He spots Eli breaking into a car, and Mary tells him to call 911, but Luke says he can handle it and hangs up. He takes a photo of the scene and approaches Eli, who tells Luke to leave him alone. Tavaroff shows up and asks what’s going on. Eli falsely accuses Luke of breaking into the car and assaulting him. Luke states this isn’t true, and he has proof. He holds up his phone – his phone that is quite obviously a phone. But Tavaroff shouts “gun!” and shoots Luke in the chest multiple times.

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