The Tenth Doctor Is Back in Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who: Dalek Universe Volume 1’

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The Tenth Doctor is back for more adventures in a new Big Finish saga called Doctor Who: Dalek Universe with the first volume released yesterday. The Doctor lost his Tardis but will find help fighting a businessman with the help of Anya Kingdom and Mark Seven.

David Tennant is back as the Tenth Doctor and is joined by Mark Gatiss (George Sheldrake), Jane Slavin (Anya Kingdom), Joe Sims (Mark Seven), Gemma Whelan (The Newcomer), and Nicholas Briggs (The Mechanoids).

The box set is composed of three new stories, is directed by Ken Bentley and produced by David Richardson:

1.1 Buying Time by John Dorney

“The far future. Anya Kingdom of the Space Security Service is on a mission investigating an SSS ship crashing on a distant jungle planet. Unknown to her superiors, she’s searching for something very specific… but what she finds is completely unexpected. Her old friend, the Doctor. With a completely different face and no idea what he’s doing there. The Time Lord soon finds himself drawn into a conspiracy involving voracious predators, time travel and a malevolent businessman. History itself is breaking down. If he makes a mistake, it could mean the end of everything…”

1.2 The Wrong Woman by John Dorney

The team’s investigations have taken an unexpected turn – but the signs all still point to Sheldrake. With the clock ticking down to the launch of the time tunnels, the Doctor, Anya and Mark split up… but soon discover how hard it is to fight a foe who can always keep one step ahead of you. But stopping him is only half the battle. The Doctor says that time can be rewritten – and Anya is searching for redemption. Can she put history back on track? Or is the Doctor’s future never going to be the same again?”

1.3 The House of Kingdom by Andrew Smith

“The Doctor and his friends are trying to locate a scientist to help them on their quest… but an attack on a space-station alters their plans. Rescued by Anya’s grandfather, Merrick, and taken to Neptune, the Doctor and Mark discover her family history. A story of betrayal and loss. Will the Kingdoms be reconciled? Or are they destined to continue the mistakes of the past?

You can listen to the trailer here:

The second and third volumes of Dalek Universe will be released in July and October 2021. Doctor Who: Dalek Universe Volume 1 is available to purchase on Big Finish website as a CD, limited vinyl edition and a download. Listeners can save money by buying a bundle of the three volumes of the series.

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