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WATCH: James McAvoy Takes the Cake (and Then Some) in ‘The Great British Bake Off’

TELEVISIONWATCH: James McAvoy Takes the Cake (and Then Some) in ‘The Great...

I’m sorry, what’s that? I can’t seem to hear you over the absolutely wonderful chaos that was James McAvoy on The Great British Bake Off.

The beloved British baking competition is currently in the midst of its annual The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off. Over the course of five new episodes, 20 famous faces from the worlds of entertainment, sports, music, and film are joining in to Stand Up To Cancer. Last week’s episode treated viewers to a competition between Tom Allen, Rob Beckett, Daisy Ridley, and Alexandra Burke.

This week’s episode, meanwhile, included James McAvoy, a talented Scottish actor that has made a lasting mark in the film industry with his appearances in titles such as the X-Men franchise and Split/Glass, and other impressive roles including Atonement, Filth, and much more.

McAvoy was joined by athlete Dame Kelly Holmes, singer Anne-Marie, and comedian/writer David Baddiel. Leading up to the premiere of the celebrity series, GBBO teased clips for what was to come, and fans were left waiting to see what other wild commentary would accompany McAvoy and his supposedly “stiff peaks” in the baking tent.

As to be expected, the Scottish actor was an absolute delight (and he may or may not have accidentally incited a frenzied storm of excitement on social media amongst fans). McAvoy managed to impress the judges with his creations, eventually emerging victorious as the Star Baker (and I mean, hey, he was briefly a baker as a teenager). 

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McAvoy’s showstopper piece was a piña colada cake in the shape of a snow leopard, which was inspired by his character Lord Asriel’s dæmon companion Stelmaria in the series His Dark Materials

GBBO shared a highlight reel of McAvoy’s delectable activities in the Bake Off tent, which you can watch below.

McAvoy is next set to star opposite Claire Foy in the upcoming thriller My Son.

UK viewers can catch new episodes of The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off Tuesdays on Channel 4.

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