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Starting in April 2021, Big Finish is releasing a brand new Doctor Who audio drama series called Doctor Who: Dalek Universe starring The Tenth Doctor himself, David Tennant. The first volume will be released next month, the second volume in July 2021, and the last volume of the trilogy in October 2021.

The Doctor lost the Tardis and will have to confront his oldest enemies with help of Anya Kingdom and Mark Seven:

Time has gone awry. The Doctor is lost, without his TARDIS. But he’s not alone. The Space Security Service agents Anya Kingdom and Mark Seven haven’t always been on his side in the past, but now they are here to help him. And he’s going to need them – because the oldest foes of all are waiting to strike. Ready to take down their greatest enemy…

In the nine hour long audio drama, David Tennant is joined by an amazing cast including Gemma Whelan (Games of Thrones), Mark Gatiss (Sherlock), Alex Kingston (ER, A Discovery of Witches), Jane Slavin (Coronation Street), Terry Molloy (Casualty), Kevin McNally (The Crown), and Joe Sims (Broadchurch).

Read below what the cast said about working on the audio drama.

David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor himself, said about Dalek Universe:

“When you’ve been involved in Doctor Who, it never really goes away, it’s with you all the time. There is something particularly joyful about actually playing the character again. We’ve been very lucky with the people we’ve had coming on board…” 

In the first story of Dalek Universe 1Buying Time by John Dorney, The Newcomer, played by Gemma Whelan is introduced. Whelan said about the script: 

 “It’s very good, very witty, full of lots of interesting references and bits that people will be very pleased with themselves that they get. It’s very nuanced and very funny, and it was just magic working with David Tennant. I really had a very thoroughly enjoyable day reading such a brilliant script.” 

Big Finish

David Tennant added about working with Whelan:

“Gemma was great, bonkers! She’s a great actor, I’ve admired her in many, many things, so to get to work with her was fantastic…I think she was an inspired piece of casting.  

Big Finish

Also in Buying Time, Mark Gatiss, who plays malevolent businessman George Sheldrake, said: 

“There’s something very lovely about that whole Dalek-mania period, when the Daleks were so insanely popular, and that sort of comic strip colourfulness, which this script reflects. And Sheldrake is a very familiar Doctor Who character, a sort of corrupt boss, I suppose.” 

Big Finish

In Episode 3, The House of Kingdom by Andrew Smith, we learn more about Anya Kingdom’s family history as we meet Merrick Kingdom, played by Kevin McNally. McNally said:  

 “I was seven years old when Doctor Who started and I’ve enjoyed it all the way through to the present day. This is my third time – I did an actual Doctor Who back in the Eighties, and I’ve done one of these recordings before, so third time lucky, I hope! And David’s certainly up there as one of my favourite Doctors, although it’s very hard to choose as I’ve known them all! I think it’s a wonderful creation.” 

In the third volume of Dalek Universe, The Doctor’s wife River Song is back. David Tennant commented about working with Kingston: 

“It’s lovely to have Alex Kingston in one’s ears, of course. It’s interesting, my Doctor’s ending up having quite a history with River Song which he didn’t really do on the telly, I just met her and she died! But it’s nice to be filling in some of that story and giving them quite an in-depth relationship now. 

Terry Molloy also returns as deadly Davros and said: 

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do, ever since David took on the mantle of the Doctor. He’s one of my favourite Doctors in terms of the stories, and the way he does it! And a lovely actor, just a fantastic actor…he’s just so nice. He gives so much, there’s so much bounce there, so much vitality to work against as Davros, and there’s moments of seriousness along with the moments of flippancy and jokiness that he injects into it. It’s an absolute delight to watch and work with in the studio.” 

David Tennant was excited to work with Terry and added:

“I get a real nostalgic kick from Terry Molloy being here. His voice as Davros is so exactly as it has always been, and having it burbling away in your headphones, burning through your ears, it’s very exciting, so things like that are a real treat.” 

The three volumes of Dalek Universe are available to pre-order as CD box set, a limited edition vinyl, and as a download on the Big Finish website. Listeners can also purchase the three volumes as a bundle to save money


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