audiochuck Launches New Podcast ‘Dark Arenas’ on Stitcher Premium


Exciting news crime junkies! If you’re a fan of the popular true crime podcast Crime Junkie then keep reading.

The podcast network audiochuck, founded by Crime Junkie host Ashley Flowers, brings a brand new series named Dark Arenas. Dark Arenas is a nine episode series that covers some of the darkest professions from finding child abductors to hunting fugitives and mass graves told by special guests.

Dark Arenas joins the incredible lineup of other popular audiochuck podcasts such as Crime Junkie, Park Predators, Counterclock, Redball, among many more. Dark Arenas launched exclusively on Stitcher Premium on Wednesday, January 27 with two full length episodes.

The newest series will be hosted by none other than Counterclock host and investigative journalist Delia D’Ambra. D’Ambra talks one-on-one with former a CIA Director, ATF special agents and FBI agents and other special guests as she dives into their motivation to keep doing what they do. Fans can listen to the first two episodes of this newest series already on Stitcher Premium for a free month membership by using promo code ARENAS. Check out the official descriptions of the premier episodes below:

 Episode 1: Hunting the Hunters

When a child disappears, every second counts. Communication between law enforcement agencies, the public and the child’s family has to happen. In today’s episode, a special agent from the FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment team explains the dark arena of trying to find a missing child…and bring them home, either dead or alive.

Episode 2: Devil in the Details (will also be released on Crime Junkie)

Some federal agents’ nine-to-five job is reviewing thousands of images and videos of child sex abuse material. Their meticulous work in this dark arena exposes details hidden within the images that help track and catch predators. In today’s episode, we talk one-on-one with the FBI agent whose best tool against child sex predators is the predator.

If Dark Arenas is anything like previous podcasts from audiochuck this series will grab your attention from the very first episode and make you want more. Stay tuned for more audiochuck news!

Adrienne is a Certified Medical Assistant, as well as a new writer that joined the team in 2019. She is a lover of all things true crime, Supernatural, Sherlock, spoken word poetry, among others. You can find her on all her social media platforms under adri_lynn.

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