Audiochuck Podcast Network Brings New True Crime Podcast ‘Anatomy of Murder’

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2020 has definitely been the year of podcasts, and we have more exciting news, podcast fans! The podcast network, audiochuck, has given fans hit podcasts such as Crime Junkie, Counterclock, and Full Body Chills brings yet another incredible podcast named Anatomy of Murder to its list.

Anatomy of Murder is hosted by Former Deputy Sheriff Scott Weinberger and former New York City prosecutor Anna Sigga-Nicolazzi and releases new episodes every Wednesday on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Listeners get a special look at an insider’s point of view of murder cases from all around the country as family members of the victims finally get justice. Listeners also get to hear from law enforcement or prosecutors directly involved in the case.

If that isn’t exciting enough, you can listen to the first two episodes right now. In the first episode, a woman helps catch the killer of her mother 46 years later after finding her mom murdered when she was only 4-years-old, keeping a diary that ultimately led police to the killer. In episode two, a young father gets ambushed and shot in his own home in front of his wife. Police finally catch a break when a hairdresser reveals a murder-for-hire plot when she tells police her boyfriend was hired by the victim’s ex-mother-in-law because he was planning on moving her grandchild away.

Now that you’ve read about this brand new podcast, here is some background on your new hosts. Weinberger is an investigative journalist who is a three-time Emmy winner and a former law enforcement officer in Florida. Weinberger also founded Weinberger Media, a production company that has brought us shows such as Investigation Discovery’s On the Cast with Paula Zahn. Anna Sigga-Nicolazzi is the host and co-executive producer of True Conviction on Investigation Discovery. Fun fact, True Conviction is produced by Weinberger Media. Nicolozzi is also a former homicide prosecutor from New York City and has tried over 35 murder cases between 1995 and 2017. Her main focus was double-jury, cases with multiple defendants, and other complicated cases. She also lectures all over the country.

Anatomy of Murder is just the latest of new podcasts audiochuck has released, and I’m sure it won’t be the last by far. Stay tuned for even more exciting news!

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