Nerds Gets Spooky: Celebrate Halloween at Tric With ‘One Tree Hill’

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If you’re a One Tree Hill fan like I am, you’ll know how much Season 3 broke your heart with the storyline between Nathan and Haley. As we celebrate Halloween here at Nerds and Beyond, I couldn’t help but revisit Season 3’s “An Attempt to Tip the Scales,” which was a pivotal episode for not only Nathan and Haley, but a fun one where we got to see our favorite characters dress up in some crazy costumes.

Let’s dive into the episode! (Author’s note: I’ll only be referencing the party bits, and not the Dan Scott or Ellie storylines that are not relevant to the article.)

As we begin, we see Lucas and Haley trying on costumes, as Lucas steps out of the dressing room as a caveman, before a montage begins of Lucas dressing up in various costumes as Haley looks on and laughs. Lucas explains this is the one chance to get Brooke to be exclusive, so he needs to find the perfect costume.

At Peyton’s house, we see her in her room with a pair of angel wings and that Brooke will be going as a devil. However, Peyton tells her dad she’s not really feeling the costume.

In Brooke and Haley’s apartment, Haley’s playing her guitar while Brooke is making her costume. Haley tells Brooke that the Devil doesn’t “have sequins, or feathers… or breasts for that matter,” as Brooke responds, “Well in my universe, she does.” Brooke shows off the costume, which looks amazing. Haley however, is upset that she doesn’t think Nathan is going to even show up to the party, which prompts Brooke to pay Nathan a visit. Nathan tells Brooke he wasn’t planning on going, as Brooke says it’s the perfect occasion to stop punishing his wife and that Haley is really hurting. Brooke also tells him that Haley hasn’t written a song since she split up with him, and asks him to show up. Nathan says he’ll think about it as Brooke leaves.

At Karen’s Café, Lucas asks Haley if she talked to Brooke about his costume yet, and Haley says Brooke wants him to dress as Tommy Lee. At SuburbanFilth, Brooke is sewing her costume on the clock, as her boss approaches and says the Devil doesn’t have feathers, repeating Haley’s sentiment. Lucas visits Brooke, saying she’s going to love his costume, as the two discuss their exclusivity again.

In an iconic shot from the series, we see Peyton dressed as an Angel of Death, with black wings and a black and white wig. Peyton and her dad discuss her mom and Ellie, which she used as a reason to be the Angel of Death.

Next, we see Nathan going through photos from the Basketball Camp, including one of him and another girl. He grabs the ring around his neck, before calling someone and asking to get together with someone, saying Haley can’t know.

Courtesy of WB / One Tree Hill

People start to arrive at Tric in all sorts of costumes, as we see Brooke and Haley arrive (Haley as Sandy from Grease) as Mouth appears, saying hi to them. Next, Batman enters and heads over to Peyton, where we hear Nathan’s voice underneath the masked costume, so he can “see everything and pretend like he was never here.” Peyton points out that Haley looks hot, to which Nathan replies, “Haley always looks hot.”

Peyton and Haley still aren’t talking, as Haley goes up to try to talk to her. Peyton tells her she didn’t like what she did, but that Nathan did say she still looked hot so there’s her in. Peyton heads to the bar, where Mouth arrives to talk to her. At that moment, Lucas appears as Tommy Lee, as Peyton tells Mouth that Brooke thinks Mötley Crüe is the least sexy band of all time. Lucas approaches Brooke, calling him gullible and that she set him up. Rachel walks up to them, dressed as Pamela Anderson, asking Lucas to dance as Lucas accepts. Brooke heads over to Peyton, looking over in anger at Rachel and Lucas.

Haley asks Karen if she’s seen Nathan, but doesn’t know what he’s dressed as. Haley takes a tray of glasses from Karen, but trips and falls in front of everyone as people laugh. Batman comes in, sweeping Haley off her feet, as he takes off his mask revealing it’s Nathan. Nathan tells Haley nice costume, before Haley asks if he likes it, to which Nathan replies, “Not really. It’s just not really you.” Haley is visibly upset, saying she just wanted Nathan to want her again. Nathan tells her that’s not the problem, before Haley says she looks ridiculous and runs off crying.

Mouth finds Peyton again, as Peyton says she’s more excited to see the band and that someone spilled soda on her wings. Mouth asks her to dance, as they two engage into an epic dance off, garnering the attention of everyone at Tric. Karen appears on stage, introducing the musical guest, Fall Out Boy! Fall Out Boy appears and plays one of their hits, “Dance, Dance,” as the crowd cheers. During the musical montage, Brooke and Lucas share glances across the room, and Haley’s in the back dressing room ripping off her wig as Brooke walks in. Haley explains that this was such a bad idea, and that she looks like an idiot. Haley says this isn’t who she is, that she’s a nerd, and she’s just Haley and that really should be enough. She tells Brooke she’s going home, as Brooke says goodbye.

Courtesy of WB / One Tree Hill

As Haley’s walking out of the dressing room to go home, Batman appears again. Haley tells him thank you for helping her earlier and that she’s sorry for freaking out. Batman says nothing, but kisses Haley instead, then turns around and leaves, leaving a confused Haley.

Later that night, Lucas appears at Brooke and Haley’s apartment where Haley tells Lucas that Nathan kissed her. Later, Nathan’s at a bar with… none other than Chris Keller. Nathan tells Chris he can help Haley with her music, because she loves music and he loves her. Nathan says he doesn’t trust Chris, but that if he touches her, he’ll crush him. Nathan tells Chris it also stays between them.

Brooke walks into her and Haley’s room, as Haley tells Brooke to be careful, and that Lucas’ heart is more fragile than she thinks. The episode ends with one of Lucas’ infamous quotes, as a montage of music carries the episode out. At the end, we see Chris Keller walk into his room where a Batman costume lies, making us question who really was behind that kiss.

While it may not be directly Halloween related, it’s always a good episode to revisit because of their fun costumes and the storyline. Make sure to check it out! One Tree Hill is currently available to stream on Hulu.

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