Not Just Stupid, Winchester Stupid: 8 Times Winchester Logic Prevailed on ‘Supernatural’

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Sam and Dean Winchester: the guys who save the world. We all know the Winchesters have a unique streak of genius that’s mixed with a (frankly unhealthy) dose of recklessness and dare I say at times, stupidity. But this isn’t regular, no common sense stupidity or even textbook knowledge deficiency. No, the Winchesters have their own special brand of logic that can only be labeled as Winchester Stupid™.

Over the years, Winchester Logic is something that we’ve seen displayed on multiple occasions and it never fails to be side-splitting. It even seems to be contagious, with some of the brothers’ closest companions boasting some lines that are truly Winchester-worthy. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of our favorite hilariously illogical statements uttered on the show; without further ado, here are 8 times that Winchester logic prevailed.

1. “It was night and now its day”

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That’s generally how time works, Samuel. While the younger Winchester was right in observing the sudden change in daylight, something that helped tip him off that he was trapped in his mind after Cas brings the wall down in his head, the way Sam presented this statement was … not in the most intelligent manner to say the least. We’ll give him a pass for this one — he was dying after all.

2. “Accidents don’t just happen accidentally”

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This line doesn’t get the credit it’s due. The comedic value is unmatched. You can tell Dean regrets the words that come out of his mouth almost immediately as Sam gives him the single eyebrow arch of disbelief (Dean probably has a label for it like b*tch face #5). While it wasn’t conveyed in the most eloquent way, the elder Winchester wasn’t wrong; in their line of work, accidents don’t just happen accidentally.

3. “You know who spies on people, Cas? Spies.”

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Really, Dean? I thought they sat around baking apple pies all day. Dean is very hit or miss when it comes to aiming verbal barbs at people. It’s either a scathingly sarcastic remark or … this — there’s no in-between. Unfortunately, the power of the roast failed Dean at this moment, though the dressing down that Cas got afterwards more than made up for it. Ah, the duality of man.

4. “If she is alive, then she’s dead”

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To be fair, this one is slightly out of context, but isn’t out of context Supernatural the best Supernatural? While Dean did follow the sentence up with some clarification (“in every way that matters, she’s dead Kevin”), this is one moment that is commonly cited by the fans as a “huh?” moment because the words themselves were so contradictory.

5. “I observe with my eyes”

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This is another one of those phrases that the Winchesters have uttered that’ll have you doing the Cas head tilt of confusion simply because of the wording. Sam doesn’t even bat an eye when Dean lets this one loose, showing how accustomed the brothers are to their own strange phrases that would make anyone else do a double-take.

6. “Besides it’s in Greek. Nobody reads Greek!”

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Oh, Sammy boy. Even geniuses have their days. To be fair, Sam wasn’t in the best place when he let this one out, with the death of Bobby still fresh and Sam very obviously angry about it, refusing to believe in the possibility he stuck around as a ghost. Dean, the good brother that he is, doesn’t even make that big of a deal about it, keeping his focus on the fact that Bobby might be helping them out from the veil. If this was any other situation, we can’t help but think Dean would take advantage of this slip more, especially since Sam doesn’t often give him that much ammo to work with in terms of teasing.

7. ” I don’t have a good answer.”

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Is this strangely reminiscent of Dean’s “Got any Grey Poupon?” for anyone else? The two have the same energy. Sometimes the good ol’ Winchester training fails and … well, this is the result. When the brothers forget how to lie, they tend to just blurt out whatever is on their minds, resulting in hilarious (yet facepalm inducing) moments like these.

8. Literally Every “What the Hell?” “I don’t know” Moment Ever

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One of the brothers’ favored duo catchphrases, the funniest part about the infamous “What the Hell/I don’t know” is that it almost always gets repeated twice. One of them (usually Dean) routinely asks again like posing the question a second time is miraculously going to change the outcome of the answer even though no new information has been uncovered. Sam and Dean are both very intelligent men, but sometimes they feed off of each others’ Winchester way of thinking, leaving you giggling at their antics — especially when this phrase is broken out.

Bonus Round

Uhhh… no

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Oh, Cas. Sweet, sweet Cas. He had to know this one wasn’t going to work, right? He literally Holy Molotoved Michael right in front of everyone, yelling “Hey, Assbutt!” to draw attention to himself to boot. The funniest part about this is that there is literally no way Castiel learned this from anyone other than the Winchesters — he even flashes the little “what can you do?” smile that the brothers break out when they know they’ve gotten themselves in over their heads. Sass and sarcasm apparently aren’t the only things that the Winchester brothers imbued Cas with, as here the angel is definitely exhibiting Winchester Logic.

While the brothers are normally very logical, it’s nice to see that even the guys who save the world can put their foot in their mouths every once in a while. Not only does the semi-regular appearance of Winchester Logic make the characters more relatable, but it makes the show all the more entertaining, as the audience is able to find humor in the small moments amongst all the doom and gloom.

We know that there are many more moments where the Winchesters and friends exhibit that special brand of stupidity known as Winchester Logic. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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