Behind the Scenes Photos From the ‘Supernatural’ Finale “Carry On” Released

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The time is near. Supernatural will be leaving us this Thursday, November 19 after its one-hour tribute and final episode. A mix of photos from the episode and behind the scenes have been released, compounding the mystery surrounding the series finale.

First up, we have the shots from the actual episode. Three out of the five seem to be action shots, one with Dean packing bullet shells, another with Dean seemingly in the middle of swinging a machete at someone clad in a clown mask (I bet Sam doesn’t like that one), and another with Sam standing alone in a barn holding a bloody knife. The other two photos give off a tranquil vibe; one shows Sam outside clad in athletic gear, most likely on a jog, taking in the scenery, and the other shows the brothers resting on Baby’s hood.

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The second set of shots show the cast behind the scenes. In the first, Jensen sits at the Men of Letters Bunker table taking directions from the real Robert Singer. The second shows Jared glancing off to the side with some set equipment visible. The last photo boasts a handsome Mr. Ackles gazing into the camera while sitting in the beloved Impala.

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With the mystery surrounding the final episode’s contents, fans will definitely be trying to decode what might be happening in these photos before the finale airs — some of the shots indicate that we might be going out old school with a classic Monster of the Week episode. However, footage from the newest promo suggests that things might not be as cut and dry as they seem (we’re getting some strong fighting for your life vibes, especially from the song).

While we don’t know how the show will end, we do know that Supernatural will go out with a resounding bang. We can’t wait to see how this show wraps up its 15 year legacy on Thursday night. If you haven’t already, check out our recap of the penultimate episode to get caught up, as well as our fan-led tribute and special goodbye to the show.

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