‘My Enemy, My Brother’ Film and ‘Eye of the Beholder,’ the New VR Experience Inspired by Ann Shin’s Oscar-Shortlisted Documentary, Coming in December

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In December, a new Virtual Reality (VR) experience is coming to Steam, as announced by Fathom Media. Eye of the Beholder will take players on a dramatic and intense 20-minute war game genre journey.

During the VR experience, players will come across other combat soldiers that can be allies or foes. It is the player’s choice to either work with or fight against them to survive. It brings up an important topic on how we prejudge others based on various factors and the consequences that can happen as a result. Watch your six while you play this desktop VR that comes to Steam on Tuesday, December 1.

Eye of the Beholder is actually inspired by a 2016 Oscar-shortlisted documentary short from award-winning filmmaker Ann Shin (The Defector: Escape from North Korea) called My Enemy, My Brother. That short documentary was then turned into a full-length follow-up film that will be premiering in the United States and Canada on the AMC Networks streaming service Sundance Now on Monday, December 21.

The emotional real-life movie follows Zahed and Najah as they reunite randomly 20 years after the Iran-Iraq war. The first time their paths cross, Zahed came across Najah in a bunker injured. At that moment, Zahed had a decision to either save or fight Najah. He decides to risk his life and save him, keeping him alive and going from enemies to brothers in arms for life. Najah ended up being taken as a POW (prisoner of war). The two go back to their homeland and search for their loved ones in a land that is still devastated by war, conflict, and ISIS; “Their quest is a surprising admiration of redemption and humanity.”

In regards to the movie, Ann Shin said,

The connection that Zahed and Najah have in My Enemy, My Brother is a profound example of the humanity that binds us despite our cultural and political differences. It’s a message that is crucial now more than ever. At Fathom, we believe our films’ universal themes can be expressed through a variety of different media to allow audiences to be fully immersed in the story and directly engage with the film’s core message.

The virtual reality experience, Eye of the Beholder, will be on Steam December 1, and the documentary film My Enemy, My Brother, premieres on Sundance Now December 21.

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