Video Games ‘Bug Academy’ and ‘Demolish & Build’ Coming Soon

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Have you ever wondered how many fireflies it takes to catch a ghost? The answer is here. The 2.5-dimensional game Bug Academy lets you go on unique adventures as a swarm of insects. Becoming different insects like flies, bees, fireflies, and mosquitoes players can go through the 33 levels with humorous bugs. Each species of insect comes with a unique ability that comes in handy when moving fridges and putting out fires.

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Bug Academy is available on January 14, on Stream and Nintendo Switch. You can watch the trailer for Bug Academy below!


This next game allows players to do just as the title says, Demolish & Build. In this simulator, players can run a construction and demolition company by hiring staff, investing, and more. In various locations and terrain, there are over a dozen types of tools and vehicles to use, including backhoe, excavator, concrete mixer, and a crane with a demolition ball. This game is currently available for PC use since March 2018.

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Demolish & Build is available on January 15, on Nintendo Switch. You can watch the trailer for Demolish & Build below!

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