‘Supernatural’ Season 15, Episode 15 Recap: “Gimme Shelter”

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Last night, episode 15 of Season 15 of Supernatural aired, leaving only 5 episodes left. This was a highly anticipated episode for us here at Nerds and Beyond, since it was Matt Cohen’s directorial debut for Supernatural – and he did not disappoint.

Spoilers ahead, be warned!

Since last week’s episode was light-hearted, we assumed that “Gimme Shelter” would start to really dig into the end of the series arc. The episode opens up at Patchwork Community Center, where two girls were making fun of the people they were feeding in the community center. As the girls tell their friend to go over and say something to a woman for not being clean enough to eat there, we are introduced to the pastor, who tells him to lead with compassion, bringing over a bowl of soup. Later, that same friend, is seen walking down an alley in the city, where he trips over a teddy bear that speaks to him. We then see him being choked and dragged away, before the title appears.

Back in the bunker, Dean and Sam are going over leads to see what cases they should investigate. Dean shows Sam a news article about power going out in Atlantic City; nothing wrong with the grid, no storms, etc. to which they believe might be due to Amara. Dean and Sam decide to go to Atlantic City, while Cas and Jack head to go investigate the case with the boy. Or as Dean says, “you guys go ‘Highway to Heaven’ that bitch.”

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Cas and Jack arrive, as Agent Swift and Agent Lovato, with Jack pulling the classic move of showing his FBI badge upside down. The duo interrogate the Sheriff, where they find out someone wrote the word “Liar” on his body and cut off each finger. A video from a camera across the street showed someone in a mask attacking the boy, and Jack points out, “It’s almost demonic.” The next scene we see Cas and Jack in the middle of a crossroad, and we know nothing good can come of this. Jack tries to search the boy online, as a demon appears. They ask the demon if any demons killed the boy in the alley, and he says no, and that he doesn’t know who did it. He also shares that no one has been making any deals, either. Cas tells Jack they can help, even if it is just a human case, so they’re there to stay. Next, a woman is shown in the Community Center stealing money from the donations box, and she too is attacked by someone in a mask.

Back at the Community Center, Jack walks in and asks to join to help, and is handed some paperwork, where he talks to one of the girls, Sylvia. Cas walks in next, as he heads over to talk to the Pastor. Cas tells the Pastor about Valerie Jones, the woman who was taken from the parking lot of the Community Center. In the next scene, we see her tied up, with the word “Greed” written on the wall. A TV illuminates in front of her, spelling “thief” over and over again. Her hand is tied up to razors, where one finger is immediately cut-off. It’s reminiscent of something out of the Saw films, and Cohen’s set up makes it pretty scary.

Jack hands the paperwork back to the girls, and apologizes for upsetting Sylvia. Sylvia explains that her and the boy from the beginning, Connor, dated before and he was always there for her. Jack shares the fact that he’s lost someone too, his mother, and Sylvia shares the sentiment, that her mother also died three years ago – but that her father is the Pastor. Jack states, “I have more Dads than most,” in a nod to the ones who have raised him. Cas talks to the Pastor, asking about anyone else who has gone missing, trying to figure out any suspects. The Pastor tells Cas that people of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome, and we learn a little bit more about their mission.

Back with Dean and Sam, they’re stopped at a gas station where it’s snowing. They find out about lane closures, and as they’re walking into the gas station to get some snacks, Amara appears before them. Sam asks how Amara found them, as Amara said she could smell them, “You have a very distinctive musk,” and that she got Cas’ Angelic APB. Dean tells Amara they want to talk, as Amara says, “First, lunch.” The three of them head to a deli, to grab food and talk.

Back in the Community Center, the Pastor is talking to a few people, including Sylvia and Jack as Cas walks in. The Pastor asks Jack to share his journey, and as Jack struggles, Cas steps in. Cas shares that he knows what blind faith is, following orders without question, and how he never looked beyond the plan. Then, when it came crashing down, he felt lost but that he found a family and he became a father, and in that, he rediscovered his faith, and who he was. A time later, as Jack’s serving soup and talking to the Pastor, the television in the Community Center switches and we see a countdown, which then switches to Valerie getting an additional finger chopped off.

Back at the deli, Amara indulges in Pierogis as Dean says he wants to take Chuck down and they need their help. The two try to convince her to help them, but she refuses, sharing just how connected her and Chuck are.

Back with Cas and Jack, Jack breaks down a door as they look into one of the suspects, Brother Rudy. They are in his apartment, where they open the door to his bedroom where his body lays, mutilated, with the word “Lust” above them.

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The show switches back to Dean, Sam, and Amara, as Dean and Sam are back in the Impala getting ready to leave, before Dean shuts the car off and heads back into the deli to speak to Amara again. Dean asks Amara, “Why?” and asks why he brought “her” back (Mary). Dean says that Amara wanted to bring Mary back to show him something, to teach him something, but that it came to a not-so-happy ending and that Mary is dead. Amara explained she wanted two things – to see that his mother was just a person, that the myth of a better life was just that; a myth. That the real, complicated Mary was better than a childhood dream because she was real, and so he could finally start to accept his life. Dean accepts the answer with tears in his eyes, asking about the second thing, where Amara states she thought bringing Mary back would release him, and that she failed at that. Dean tells Amara angrily that she’s just, “another cosmic dick,” like her brother. He tells her he’s furious he’s been just “another hamster in a wheel,” at the hands of Chuck and that she’s doing nothing to help stop it. Amara asks if she can trust Dean, and he responds that he’d never hurt her, before saying she’ll think about helping them.

At the Community Center, Sylvia is talking to her friend outside of the center, before stabbing her – making it clear that Sylvia has been the one committing these crimes all along. The friend tells the Pastor, Jack and Cas about the storage room, as the Pastor and Jack run into the room, finding Valerie and Sylvia puts a knife to the Pastor’s neck. Jack tells her to let him go, as Sylvia stabs Jack, but sees a gold glow, and Jack remains unaffected. Cas arrives, disarming Sylvia and putting her to sleep. He then goes over to Valerie, before ripping off the restraints and healing her hands, as he sends Jack off to get the police. The Pastor looks on, not believing what he’s seeing, asking Cas, “What are you?” The Pastor finds out Cas is an Angel, to which Cas replies, “Not a very good one.” Sylvia is led into a cop car by the police, before we see that the crossroads demon is the one driving the car.

As Cas and Jack are driving back to the bunker, Jack tells Cas that he’s been lying to him, and that he’s going to die when he kills Chuck and Amara. He tells Cas Billie’s spell has been turning him into some kind of bomb, and when he “goes off” God and Amara will cease to exist and he won’t survive. He also says he doesn’t want Sam and Dean to know, because they won’t understand, but it’s the only way. Cas shakes his head, saying he watched Jack die once and he refuses to do it again, but Jack tells him it’s not his choice.

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At the bunker, Cas is caught by Dean as he tries to leave. Dean asks how the case went, and Dean tells Cas that they think they got Amara on board. Dean asks Cas again where he’s going, and Cas says he’s going to look for another way, that he has to. Cas says that incase something goes wrong, there’s something he and Sam need to know… before the screen fades to black.

Overall, the episode got pretty serious as it starts to sink in that there are only a few episodes left to wrap up a 15-year show. We can assume that every episode after this will continue hold a lot of weight, and we’re intrigued (and a bit scared) of what’s to come.

We do have to mention that the episode was beautifully shot, and we’re so proud of Matt Cohen for his hard work on it. Make sure to go send him some love on Twitter or Instagram!



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