Peri Brown Must Survive Without The Doctor in Big Finish’s ‘The Meaning of Red’


A new story added to the Doctor Who – Short Trips series is out today. The Doctor Who – Short Trips episodes are composed of short stories by popular Doctor Who authors and narrated by Big Finish actors often from the Doctor Who universe. The latest features Peri Brown (Nicola Bryant) must survive without The Doctor’s help on an alien world named Calleto. The story is called The Meaning of Red and is narrated by Nicola Bryant herself.  

Doctor Who – Short Trips: The Meaning of Red is written by debut writer Rod Brown, directed by Helen Goldwyn, and produced by Alfie Shaw. You can read the synopsis here: 

The TARDIS accidentally strands Peri alone on the inhospitable world of Calleto. Taking refuge with the planet’s only colonists, she waits and waits, but the Doctor doesn’t return. Her only hope lies in discovering the secrets of this planet.

It’s that, or she dies. 

 Talking about The Doctor, writer Rod Brown said:

“The Doctor has been my best friend and companion since I was aged two; I was therefore so grateful for the opportunity to write for Peri and the Fifth Doctor. Peri had grown significantly between her two TV appearances with Peter Davison; from the somewhat rebellious hothead in Planet of Fire to the more mature and sympathetic character we saw on Androzani Minor. I thought it would be interesting to explore the reasons why and how she had grown up during this period – hence her predicament in The Meaning of Red. 

 Producer Alfie Shaw had this to say about the episode:

The Meaning of Red takes a post-2005 Doctor Who television series staple (the “Doctor Lite” episode) and applies it to a classic TARDIS team. Rod’s done a fantastic job of highlighting the strengths of Peri as a character. Even though she’s separated from the Doctor, we see all the traits that make her a perfect match for him. Nicola’s a fantastic reader and has brought the whole thing to life wonderfully.” 

 Doctor Who – Short Trips: The Meaning of Red is now available to download exclusively from the Big Finish website.

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