Saturday, April 1, 2023

‘Supernatural’ Sneak Peek: The Winchesters Discuss Jack, Burgers, and… Plumbing Problems?

THE CWSUPERNATURAL'Supernatural' Sneak Peek: The Winchesters Discuss Jack, Burgers, and... Plumbing Problems?

With the end of Supernatural coming nearer every day, multiple clip reels and sneak peeks have been released to promote the final seven episodes of this amazing 15-year show. Earlier today, a video recap of the first half of season 15 was released. Yet another clip has now been released from what looks to be the next episode, featuring the Winchesters discussing Jack getting his soul back, burgers (bonus points for Dean in an apron), and… plumbing problems? If you haven’t already, check it out below.


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Supernatural is set to return very soon with the first of the final seven episodes debuting on October 8! If you haven’t already, check out our series taking a look back at some of your favorite Supernatural characters, theories for the show’s end, and the most recently released trailer!

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