Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who – Short Trips: Her Own Bootstraps’ Out Now

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In this new short story out now, The Ninth Doctor must destroy a dangerous weapon to prevent a galactic massacre. In Doctor Who – Short Trips: Her Own Bootstraps, writer Amy Veeres take us to the eruption of Krakatoa and how it is linked to The Doctor. This part of The Doctor past was hinted about in the first episode  of the show’s revival in 2005 when Clive showed a sketch of The Ninth Doctor drawn before the explosion to Rose.  

The Doctor Who – Short Trips collection is composed of short stories written by Doctor Who authors and read by Big Finish actors. The story is written by Amy Veeres, directed by Nicholas Briggs, and performed by Jacob Dudman. You can read the synopsis below:

Extracting a dangerous Time War weapon from an irresponsible scientist, the Doctor arrives on Krakatoa in 1883 to destroy it. Problematically, the scientist is also in Krakatoa to steal the weapon. This is where she found it before the Doctor stole it from her. Trapped in a paradox, the Doctor must overcome a future he cannot change. A future that has already happened. 

Writer Amy Veeres said: 

“It was an honour to write for the Ninth Doctor. No way did I expect Big Finish to give him to a newbie like me. ‘Her Own Bootstraps’ was a blast to write! 

 Producer Alfie Shaw added: 

“Like ‘Battle Scars’ before it, ‘Her Own Bootstraps’ is inspired by the evidence about the Doctor that Clive presents to Rose in ‘Rose.’ In a similar way to ‘Battle Scars,’ I wanted the evidence Clive has to be a springboard to a different story, rather than a story that exists to explain the drawing. ‘Her Own Bootstraps’ explores how people change across their lifetime. With the Ninth Doctor reverting back to the life he had before the Time War, it felt like a theme that was perfect to explore with this particular incarnation!”  

 Actor Jacob Dudman said: 

“It was a pleasure to lend my voice to my favourite Doctor. The script deals with time and the Doctor’s grief in a fascinating way and I think it’s a mighty addition to the Short Trips range. 

 Doctor Who – Short Trips: Her Own Bootstraps is now available to download exclusively from the Big Finish website.

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