Thursday, March 30, 2023

Sneak Peek of Artwork for Lou Diamond Phillips’ Book ‘The Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira’ Released!

BOOKSSneak Peek of Artwork for Lou Diamond Phillips' Book 'The Tinderbox: Soldier...

The release date for Lou Diamond Phillips’ book The Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira is steadily approaching. Due to COVID-19, the release has been pushed to October 20. Fans were given a sneak peek at the inspiration and artwork behind the story courtesy of Yvonne Phillips, the amazingly talented artist and wife of Lou. The beautifully detailed artwork is shown below, and fans who buy the hard copy will see the story come alive before their eyes with 30 illustrations by none other than Yvonne herself.

Check out the tweet and pictures below!

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Make sure you get your copy of The Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira on October 20. Keep a close eye for our review when we detail our favorite parts of the sci-fi, a fantastical novel coming very soon! We can’t wait!

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