Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and Sam Claflin Talk Upcoming Netflix Movie ‘Enola Holmes’

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The game is afoot as fans of Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and Sam Claflin anxiously count down the days until the premiere of Enola Holmes on Netflix. Fans got their first look at the movie when the official trailer dropped on Netflix’s YouTube channel at the end of August, and now as we enter the final stretch, NX, a sub twitter account of Netflix, dropped an interview with the three stars. 

Brown portrays the younger sister to the infamous Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, Enola Holmes. Simultaneously, Cavill gives the white wig a break and takes on the genius detective Sherlock’s role, and Claflin stars as the eldest, rule-following Mycroft. The adventure begins on her 16th birthday, Enola wakes up to find her mother missing, which sets her on a journey of not only finding her mother but finding herself, all while trying to outrun her brothers, so she does not end up in a finishing school. 

Brown, Cavill, and Claflin take turns explaining the plot, their characters, and their sides of the story as well as how breaking the fourth wall went about for Brown. The interview gives fans a deeper look at what the story will entail alongside what each thinks the story’s message might be and what fans might take from it. 

Enola Holmes begins her adventure on Netflix on September 23, but you can watch the interview below until then.

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